Wanking 7 ways to change things up Blog Post by molly more Banner

Wanking – 7 ideas to change things up

Wanking, Jerking off, Jilling off, Beating one out, touching yourself, self loving, there are some many different names and euphemisms for masturbation but regardless of what you call it, it is a healthy and normal activity. For many people right now, especially those who are single or who don’t live with their partner(s) masturbation is […]

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2020 What A Year Its Been At Godemiche

2020 – That was a year!

2020: It all started so well, we had a great Christmas and then were back ready to tackle things again. We managed a couple of trips to London for the London Alternative Market and to Manchester also but then suddenly it was March and everyone’s world changed. So very dramatically. This year has presented us […]

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5 Ways To Use A Butt PLug To Spice Things Up Blog Post Banner

5 ways to use butt plugs to spice things up

Do you have a butt plug but are short on ideas of how to use it? Well we have some suggestions for how you can use butt plugs to spice up your sex life. Everyone has a bum and whilst we acknowledge that anal play is not for everyone, either because of health issues (although […]

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Christmas Guift Guide 2020 A Sex Poitive Guide To Buying in Lockdown This Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

It seems the the Godemiche Christmas gift guide has become a popular annual event with our blog readers so here we go with our 2020 version. As always it is not all about sex but includes all sorts of potential gifts for the fabulous folks in your life. SHIT, FUCK & DAMN brooches How absolutely […]

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Top 10 most serched for kinks and fetishes on fetish

Top 10 Most Searched for Kinks and Fetishes

So you have all been lock up in your homes for a significant portion of the year. People have been gardening, reading books, even writing books, decorating their homes, sewing and crafting and searching the internet for all sorts of porn. Wait what? Yes that is right, we don’t need to shy about it. Whilst […]

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5 Godemiche Youtube Videos We Think You Should Watch

5 Godemiche Videos We Think You Should Watch

Every year we plan our annual Independence Sale more and more in an attempt to keep everything flowing particularly things like our bi-monthly Youtube videos that we produce but yet again this year the sale came along and despite all our planning demanded our undivided attention and so sadly this week we have not managed […]

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Help We Need Your Masturbation Stories Masturbation Month Blog Post Banner

Your Masturbation Stories

Earlier this month we asked you to share your masturbation stories with us so that we could post a series of theme here on our blog to mark both #MasturbationMonth and #InternationalMasturbationDay which is on the 28th May. We are big advocates of wanking here at Godemiche. Not just because we make sex toys but […]

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An Orgasm A Day Tabitha Rayne Blog Post Banner

An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Darkness at Bay

There is a strong lonk between depression and lack of libido. In this fabulous piece by Tabitha Rayne she talks about how prescribing herself an orgasm a day and giving herself time to focus on her sexual self had a positive impact on both her mental health and libido. At one point my OCD was […]

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6 Great Blow Job Tips Blog Post Banner

6 Tips for Giving a Great Blow Job

Giving your partner a really great blow job should be a wonderful thing for you both. Often performing oral sex is something that happens as part of other sexual activity which is fabulous, but making a blow job the main event at times is a powerful and sexy thing to do and if you do […]

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NSFW Valentines Ideas 6 Risque Valentine Dates

6 Risque Valentine Dates

Yes it is the month of love and next Friday will be Valentine day and we all know what that means; Romantic dinners for two or a night in with a movie and a massage, bunches of red roses, or boxes of chocolates. The standard Valentine fare. Nothing wrong with that mind you, all those […]

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