Butt Plug Fun and Games

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Are you curious about butt plugs? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Not sure which one to buy? Then you have come to the right place. Let me take you on a little beginners guide to the joys of butt plug fun and games.

Big or Small Butt Plug

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to which size to buy that is really up to you and how experienced you are at anal play but as this is a beginners guide I am going to assume that this all new to you. If you are looking to buy your first butt plug and are not used to bum fun then I would highly recommend you start with something small. Going large too soon is a common reason why people are put off the whole experience. So take your time and start small.

Shaping up

When it comes to shapes there are also a lot of variations to pick from. There are ones that look like fists to ones with bumps and textures and just about anything and everything else you can imagine. However if this is your first such toy I would recommend sticking with something that is pretty plain and simple with a nice rounded tip. The really important thing to look out for when it comes to butt plugs is that they have a sufficiently flared base to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of it disappearing up inside you. This is really important when playing with any toy anally and why you should always buy a butt plug from a reputable vendor and only ever put anything in your butt that has a flared base.

It’s a material world

The final thing you want to consider when buying a butt plug is the material it is made from. It should be non-porous, body safe and easy to clean. Metal(stainless steel), Glass and Silicone all make for excellent materials for butt plugs. You want to avoid plugs that are made from Jelly/PVC as not only are they are porous but often contain harmful chemicals. In addition stay away from anything made from TPE/TPR as these are also porous and that is not a good combination when it comes to using a toy annally.

An essential addition

No matter what plug you end up buying you are also going to need to some good quality lube to go with it. Unlike the vagina, the rectum is not self lubricating and so for the most pleasurable anal experience you are going to want to make sure things slip and slide.

If you buy a silicone plug then you are going to want to stick to a water based lube so that it does not react with the silicone of the toy but if you are going with metal or glass then you are free to pick which ever type of lube you like.

Experiment with different lubes. There are lots of different types to pick from and everyone has their favourites so don’t be scared to buy a couple of different types to find the one you like the best.

Getting started

If this is your first experience of anal play then you are not going to want to rush things. Make sure you have set aside some time to play and experiment in a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Have your newly purchased plug, lube and any other sex toy that you like using handy. If you are with a partner then get them to start slow. They should know how you like to be touched to best get you in the mood, if not, show them.

Once you are feeling turned on and relaxed start by applying some of the lube to your anus. Swirl it around the opening and gradually apply pressure with your (or your partners)  finger letting it slip inside your bottom. You might want to do this a couple of times as you get used to the sensation and also continue to apply more lube. Once you feel ready then you change the finger for your plug. Start slowly, apply pressure, and try to relax the sphincter muscles at the opening of your ass. Do not trying to shove it straight in with one swift movement. The best way is to take it slowly and let your body slowly open up and accept the plug. You may find that stimulating your clitoris or penis, depending on your genitals will also help you to relax.

If you are struggling or finding it too uncomfortable don’t worry about it. Stop, put the plug to one side for now and do something else. You might feel like trying again once you are more turned on or you might want to try again on another day. Do not feel despondent. You have not failed. Anal play is a very different sensation and if you have had no experience of it before then you need to give your body time to learn.  This is not a sprint but more a slow pleasurable marathon with stops for ice cream and massages along the way.

An intro to anal sex

Butt plugs can be an excellent introduction to anal sex too. Again start small and slow and get used to the sensation. Once you find using the toy to be pleasurable then you can think about moving up a step. Try buying a slightly bigger plug at this stage and playing with that before you jump straight to anal sex as a penis or penis sized dildo is definitely going to be larger than your plug. The Peg Beginners Anal Dildo would also make for a fantastic intermediate step as it is shaped like a long finger and designed with enjoyable first time anal experiences in mind.


Butt plugs are definitely not just stepping stones to anal sex though. They are pleasurable sexual experience in their own right. You can use them as part of your masturbation play or even the whole focus of it. Try combing them with vibrators or dildos if you have female genitals or maybe a masturbation sleeve or male masturbator toy if you have male genitals.

Partnered sex

Butt plugs can also be a wonderful addition to your partnered sex and not just as a stepping stone to full anal. Wearing a butt plug while you are fucking can be an intense and highly pleasurable experience for either or both of you at the same time, regardless of which genitals you or your partner has. What about pleasuring your lover with your mouth while they are wearing a butt plug or giving them a hand job or fingering them to orgasm? An addition of a butt plug to these activates can often bring a whole new set of fantastic sensations and experiences to your shared sex life.

Got any questions about butt plugs or anal toys? Fancy ordering a custom coloured plug or peg? Get in touch and let us make it happen for you.

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