5 ways to use butt plugs to spice things up

5 Ways To Use A Butt PLug To Spice Things Up Blog Post Banner

Do you have a butt plug but are short on ideas of how to use it? Well we have some suggestions for how you can use butt plugs to spice up your sex life.

Everyone has a bum and whilst we acknowledge that anal play is not for everyone, either because of health issues (although if you have IBS or similar then you really should read our post Sex & IBS: To Butt or Not To Butt) or quite simply it is not your thing. Not enjoying anal play is absolutely a valid a choice and no one should ever pressure or shame anyone into indulging in anal play or any form of sexual play for that matter.

Butt we digress…. See what we did there, Butt?

Let’s get back to talking about butt plugs and anal play. You have your plug and of course plenty of lube but what next?

Explore Sensation Play

Take you sensation play of choice, that might be flogging or spanking, wax play or ice or even a massage and add a whole new level of sensation by adding a butt plug to the mix. The combination of external sensations and how your muscles tense and relax as you experience them will only serve to heighten the internal sensation of wearing the plug. Oh and remember it doesn’t have to just be the person receiving the spanking, or whatever you choose to do, the person administering could also be wearing a plug too. You can both use butt plugs at the same time to add to that shared experience.

Spicing up the every day

The whole pandemic situation has meant that for many people date night has had to become less about going out and more about staying in. In the past wearing a plug out to dinner or to a bar can give both people a thrill in that shared secret and the person wearing that added stimulation of wearing the plug but the same applies for staying in. Whether you are heading out to get some exercise, cooking dinner together at home, watching a movie or taking a bath or shower together, the introduction of a butt plug to the proceedings can certainly spice things up for you both.

Oral delights

Oral sex is one of those things that sometimes can become part of sex rather than an act in it’s own right and whilst still a wonderful thing making oral sex the main feature can take it to a whole other level and combine other sensations alongside it only heightens things even more. Wearing a butt plug whilst someone gives you a blow job for example is going to make an already pretty amazing experience even better.

Tales about tails

If you are interested in some sort of pet play getting a plug with a tail attached is definitely a way to go but even if being a pet is not your thing there can still be something very hot and sexy about wearing a tail. It will definitely add another dimension to dressing up sexy if you appear wearing only a tail

Double Penetration

Wearing a plug during penis in vagina sex can heighten the experience for both partners. For the person wearing the plug there is a really intense fullness feeling and for the other person the plug creates an extra tightness and they are highly likely to be able to feel the plug rubbing against their penis through the vagina wall. If the thought of having a double penetration experience with 2 penis’ is your thing then this type of play can totally tap into that fantasy and your partner can talk to you about that whilst fucking you.

Also don’t forget it doesn’t just have to be the person with the vagina wearing the plug. There is nothing to stop you both wearing one. Maybe even a vibrating prostate plug for your penis owner with a remote control that you can operate. There really are so many possible combination that you can explore when it comes to using a butt plug.

So grab some lube, your butt plug and your partner and get exploring together. Remember bums are genderless, anal play is for everyone who has a bum and wants to play with it!

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