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This week we’re delighted to launch 4 NEW OffBeat textures!

It’s been almost 2 years since the launch of the very first OffBeat and its proven to be a winning masturbator for the thousands of people who have bought one.

I’ve never owned a masturbator sleeve before, so the Off Beat Venti was a first for me. Nicely packaged, looks good, feels soft to the touch.
I thought I’d give it a 5 minute trial run. An hour and a half later I was grinning in post orgasmic bliss.
Quick wash and dry and back in the box – easy.
This toy is a wonderful piece of kit. Why haven’t you got one?

Monstrous Jaffa Sep 16th 2020

Now there are 4 textures to treat a dick to, each with its own unique design and sensations, with some being louder than others. And yes we do mean louder as some of create a significant sloppy type sound when you use them with plenty of lube.

OffBeat Tantacle

This texture was actually inspired by octopus tentacles. We wanted to think outside the box and create a reversed texture, not one that sticks out and rubs but one that recedes and sucks. The noisy OffBeat Tantacle is like tiny little pop kisses around your dick that definitely sucks and don’t be fooled by the small texture because the sensations are BIG.

OffBeat Wave

One of our team (Nick) had an idea about directional texture, a texture that can be used in two different ways offering two very different sensations. From there we created these beautiful smooth vertical wave patterns that offer a lighter texture when used up and down but a more extreme texture when twisting left to right.

OffBeat Bubble

The OffBeat Bubble has large bumps that were designed out of curiosity to see how a bigger texture would feel and OMG we were glad we made it! The large bumps are perfectly smooth and slightly spaced apart giving this a light more life-like texture sensation. The larger bumps mean the OffBeat Bubble has less stretch and so comes in two different core diameters.

OffBeat Kraken

The OffBeat Kraken is our happy accident. It’s the meshing of ideas and designs to create this amazing sucky, noisy OffBeat. When lubed up the large dipped texture sucks onto the shaft of your penis and offers a really unique sensation that can only be described is love bite kisses. The noise this makes is delightful, a slurping, sucking, squelching sound reminiscent of a noisy blow job.

As with all Godemiche products your colour options are almost endless and if you need help or advice we are always here no matter how big or small your question is.

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