Black Friday Week – Let Us Help You

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For the next 7 days you can buy one Godemiche toy and get your second half price, but what do you pick and in what colour? Well we’re here to help.

What do you need?

We don’t expect you to know anything about our toys or why we made them, that’s our job. However, we do believe you are the best person to know what you want but to help you we have made a guide to you pick Godemiche toys. The Godemiche guide takes features and feelings such as curved and stretched and matches them with a toy that we think will offer you that feature or sensation.

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The guide was made to help you get the best Godemiche toy for your wants and needs.

What colours do you like?

With over 100 different single colours to choose from picking your favourite can be difficult and picking two can feel impossible.  To make choosing easier we created a colour swatch where you can find all the colours and their names. We also thought that if the colours were in a colour wheel format, Pink into Purple into Blue into Green etc, then you could quickly and easily find the colours that you would like.   

Help Pick Colour Example for Black Friday Guide

You can mix any combination of colours in most of the Godemiche range, there’s no right or wrong it’s all about what you like and what you want and our guides are there to help you discover this. it is not possible to mix colours with any of the soft silicone products though.

Want to see them?

If you want to see more then you need to check out Instagram (Godemiche.silicone) and Twitter (@GSilicone) where pictures are regularly posted of the toys we have made and there beautiful colours.  

Videos can be found on our YouTube channel (GODEMICHE) there you will find product videos showing the toys and explain how to get the most out of the designs. There’s also a bunch of straightforward help videos explaining things such as ‘what is pegging’, ‘beginners guide to anal douching’ and even videos on using sex furniture.  

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