7 Sexy movies to watch this winter

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As the nights are drawing in and the clocks have changed sitting in a pub garden or indulging in a picnic in the park is not really on the cards for your evening entertainment right now but snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket in the dark and indulge in a sexy movie date night with your partner or even just with yourself seems much more the thing. So we thought we would put together a little list of 7 sexy movies you should watch during these winter months. Some we suspect you already know but we hope this list might have a least a few that you might not have considered before


Spanking gif from Secretary movei

So this seems like one that most people know about especially if you are into D/s and BDSM. Having said that it also always surprises me the number of people who have never actually watched it. It was released in 2002 and so for those of you who were perhaps born in the 90’s this one might have slipped you by.

Starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal it follows the development of their relationship from boss/secretary to Dom/sub and how they both struggle with accepting their desires but that ultimately they find something in each other that sets them both free to be who they really are. Essentially it is a kinky love story with some brilliant spanking scenes and a charged chemistry between the two lead actors that makes the whole movie.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Don’t get this muddle up with the original version of this movie from 1968, whilst also brilliant it does not have quite the same red hot chemistry between the two leads that the 1999 version does. At first glance it is a fast paced thriller/crime movie about a thrill seeking billionaire who makes his life more interesting by taking big risks. On this occasion stealing a very valuable painting. It is actually a great story but what makes this movie one for this list of sexy movies is the dynamic between Brosnan and Russo. It is absolutely electric and the dance scene followed by the sex on the staircase is guaranteed to get the blood flowing.

In the Cut

I only just discovered this movie recently but it was released in 2003 so again depending on your age it might be one you have missed. It is a psychological thriller centred around a serial killer storyline and involves some fairly gruesome murders. If gruesome murders are not your thing then you might want to skip this one but that is not the only reason it was given the R/18 rating because it also contains some fairly graphic sex scenes most notably between Meg Ryan and mark Ruffalo but there is also a blow job scene with what appears to be visible erect penis right near the start of the movie. That is not Meg Ryan but you will have to watch the movie to find out if it is Mark Ruffulo

Still shots from the sexy movie In the cut


Another psychological drama movie, seems sexy and psychological often go together. Sadly that is because sex is often portrayed as problematic rather than celebrated as being a healthy happy thing and this movie is a case in point. Michael Fassbender plays Brandon Sullivan a man with a supposed sex addiction and his relationship with his troubled sister. (Note, there is no evidence that sex addiction actually exists) A word of warning, this movie does deal with issues around mental health, depression and suicide however it also has some serious hot sex scenes in it including this one up against a floor to ceiling window and also a full-frontal look at Fassbender!

Gif from the sexy movie Shame


Love was released in 2015 and is an erotic drama art film that is set in Paris and basically details the relationship and sex between Murphy. Electra and Omi. Whilst it never made it big time it was originally released in 3d but was probably most noted for the fact that all the sex scenes are unsimilated. Does it make it porn? I don’t think so but it does make for some very hot action in this sexy movie.


What is it with the one word titles for sexy movies, Love, Shame, Secretary and now Crash? That is not the only thing Secretary and Crash have in common though because they both star the delectable James Spader. However Crash was definitely a far more controversial movie than Secretary because of it vivid depictions of graphic sexual acts which were instigated by the violence of car crashes. But whilst the crashes might be graphic so is the sex. In fact the whole movie is raw and dark but if that is your thing and you have never seen Crash then I suggest this is the one for you

Still image from sexy movie Crash

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture show gif

I thought we would end with something a little less physiological thriller and a lot more flamboyant. Released in 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture show is a billed as a musical comedy horror and stars Susan Sarandon, Richard O’Brien, Meatloaf and most importantly of all the amazing Tim Curry as the transvestite scientist Dr Frank-N-Furter. Whilst not billed as an erotic movie it definitely has a lot of kink themes in it and really how can you possibly go wrong with Tim Curry strutting his stuff in his stockings and suspenders. If you really want to get in the spirt it is the ideal movie to inspire some sexy dressing up!

And now it is your turn? Do you have any suggestions for our list of sexy movies? Leave us a comment below with the movie name and why you think it is sexy and if we get enough we might do a follow up post.

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