Godemiche Silicone Dildo Collection of 6 pride colour dildos for Godemiche auction

With Pride

June is pride month.

The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969 in the USA and as a result many Pride events are held at this time of year including ours.

Pride is about people, real people that are often impacted by discrimination and violence. It is an event to both celebrate all the strides that have been made in the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights and also to continue to highlight the work that needs to be done to ensure that people can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives no matter who they love.

In the past we are been reluctant to join in with Pride not because we didn’t want to support but because we didn’t know how best to do it. However this year we have finally come up with a campaign that we feel really reflects what we want to do achieve when it comes to Pride and that is for us to do something positive to help and try to raise money for The Albert Kennedy Trust.

“The Albert Kennedy Trust works with 16-25 year old lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people who are homeless or live in a hostile environment.”

Our Pride

So how exactly are we going to do that?

We have made 6 of our beautiful Ambits, each one sporting different pride colours. So we have a Gay Pride, a Transgender, a Bisexual, a Genderqueer, a Pansexual and a Polysexual dildo and we are going to auction them off to you. There is only one of each of the colours making them a truly limited edition Godemiche product.

The auction will run for 7 days starting on Monday 4th June 2018 and ending on Monday 11th June 2018 (at 12.00pm UK time).

Every single penny that we raise from the auction will be going to The Albert Kennedy Trust. We will cover every expense that this auction costs including the cost of shipping each dildo to the final winner because we want to truly support Pride by both raising awareness and money for this important cause.

Bid Now!

So what are you waiting for. Head over to our AUCTION PAGE and place your bid. If you are the winning bidder at the end of the week then you will have 24 hours to pay for your product through paypal and then you will be the proud owner of one of our 6 Pride dildos.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~  Maya Angelou

Yes it is the season of looooooove! In the supermarket the greetings card section is dominated with red, there is champagne, chocolates and cuddly toys greeting you as you wander in and soon they will joined by an abundance of red roses. Here at Godemiche though we decided to celebrate Valentines in a slightly different way by offering heart filled sex toys.  We have taken our famous Be My Valentines Red and, for a limited time only we have added 6 additional colours to the collection, pink, blue, green, orange, purple and yellow.

Backet of rainbow love heart plugs


All those fabulous colours in any of our products (apart from the Apex) but the big question is which is your favourite. In the office we have been debating this question for the past couple of weeks and we still can’t agree on which is our favourite and so we have decided that we need you to help us make a decision and as a reward one lucky someone will win themselves a toy* of their choosing in one of the Valentines heart colours

So what is your favourite colour in our Be My Valentines ranges, are you romantic for red, bonkers for  the blue, passionate about pink, yearning for the yellow, greedy for the green, pining for the purple or orgasmic about the orange?

Whichever it is we want to hear from you. Declare your love for your favourite colour in the comments below and on the 7th February we will announce which of the Heart Colours got the most mentions and select 1 person at random who listed that colour as their favourite to win a product of their choosing from the Be My Valentines range.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us in the comment section below which of the Valentine colours you are yearning for and don’t forget you are in with a greater chance of winning the more people who vote for your colour so spread the word and tell people why your colour is the best colour and encourage them to come here and tell us.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition will run from the 30th Jan to midnight on the 5th February 2018 (UK time)
2. The competition is open world wide
3. Winner will be drawn at random from the people who have selected the winning colour. The winning colour being that with the most votes in the comments section of this post.
4. The 1 winners will be notified by email address so make sure you leave a working email when you comment
5. Winner will be notified by the 7th February.
6. Winner will get to indicate if they wish to receive a Adam 6 inch, Adam 8 inch, Ambit, Plug B or Peg in the winning colour.

So what are you waiting for, comment below and tell us which one of the heart colours is the one that rocks your world and maybe it might end up rocking its way to your door as a result!


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The Ins and Outs of Contraception

Despite the fact that we tend to teach young people that sex is about reproduction the main reason humans actually have sex is for pleasure. For most people sex for reproduction purposes will be something they do on a number of limited occasions throughout their life and for some people it will be something they never ever do. Clearly the key to worry free pleasurable sex is reducing the risks such as contracting sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy.

Your contraception needs will change throughout your life, someone in their late teens or twenties will probably have different needs to someone in their 30’s or 40’s. The type of relationship(s) that someone is in and where they are in terms of having children will be just two of the big factors that will affect the type of contraception that they might choose.

So let’s talk about some of the different types of contraception

Barrier Methods


Both caps and diaphragms are inserted into the vagina, along with spermicide, prior to sex. They work by covering the cervix and creating a barrier so that sperm can’t get into the womb. When used correctly they are 92 – 96% effective. The upside of a cap or diaphragm is that they only need to be inserted when you want to have sex and there are no serious health risks or side affects associated with them but clearly one of the major downsides is that they are not conducive to spontaneous sex. They can also take a bit of time to learn how to insert them and they don’t give any protection against contracting STI’s.


Male condoms are worn over the penis and create a barrier preventing the sperm from reaching the womb. When used correctly they are 98% effective and they are the ONLY form of contraception that also protects against STI’s.

Female condoms work in the same way as male condoms in that they create a barrier preventing sperm from reaching the womb but instead of being worn over the penis it is inserted inside the vagina. When used correctly they are 95% effective and can help prevent the transmission of many STI’s including HIV.

Hormonal Methods

The Pill

There are two types of contraceptive pill, the Combined Pill and the Progestogen only Pill. They work in slightly different ways but both use hormones to disrupt the female reproduction cycle in some way. If taken regularly they are both 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. The pill is a very convenient method of contraception but there are some medical reasons why some women just can’t use it and there are also some side effects to both types that should be considered.

Contraceptive Implant

The implant is a small flexible tube that is inserted by a doctor or nurse underneath the skin in the upper arm and releases a small amount of progestogen which inhibits the body from releasing an egg from the ovary(s). Unlike the pill it is not reliant on the person remembering to take it and so once inserted has a 99% effective rate. It lasts for 3 years but like all hormone based methods it plus and minus’ that need to be considered.

Contraceptive Injection

In the UK there are different types of contraceptive injection available and depending on which one you have they last somewhere between 8 and 13 weeks. Like many of the other hormone methods they use progestogen and are 99% effective. However they also share many of the side effects of those methods too and you have to go back every 8 – 13 weeks to have another shot.

Contraceptive Patch

The patch is a bit like a nicotine patch that sticks to you and releases the hormones directly into your body through your skin. Each patch lasts for a week, you then replace it with another one for 3 weeks in a row and then you take one week off. The patch is very easy to use but does rely on you remembering when to change it. It is 99% effective when used correctly.

Vaginal Ring

The Vaginal ring is a small, soft, plastic ring that you insert into your vagina and leave there for 21 days. You then remove it and throw it in the bin. 7 days later you insert a new ring. It works by releasing small doses of a combined hormone mix and if used correctly is 99% effective.

Intrauterine methods


The intrauterine system is a small plastic device that is inserted into your uterus by a medical professional. It releases a small dose of hormone directly into your womb and is 99% effective. It stays in place for 3 to 5 years depending on which one you have. It is an increasingly popular form of long term contraception for women.


Like the IUS the Intrauterine device is a small plastic and copper device that is inserted into your uterus by a medical professional. Unlike the IUS it does not release hormones but a small dose of copper which changes the make-up of the fluid which inhibits the survival of the sperm and also stops the egg from implanting. There are various different types of IUD available and depending on which one you pick they last between 5 and 10 years.

Natural Family Planning

This is also known as fertility awareness and involves monitoring various factors to determine when your most fertile time of the month is so that you can avoid sexual intercourse during that period. If done correctly it can be 99% effective but due to the imprecise nature of it and the chances for human error the effect rate is probably more like 75%. Clearly, the up side is there are no side effects to this system but the down side is that it is quite labour intensive and can 3 – 6 months to begin to develop a pattern that you rely on.

Permanent Contraception

Female Sterilisation

This involves a surgical procedure that seals or blocks the fallopian tubes therefore preventing eggs from reaching the womb and being fertilised. It is 99% effective and you will never need to worry about contraception again however it does involved having surgery that always comes with a risk and it should also be viewed as permanent and so you need to be absolutely sure that it is the right decision for you.


Male Sterilisation involves a small procedure that is done under a local anaesthetic where the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the penis is cut, blocked or sealed. The whole thing takes about 15 minutes and is 99% effective. It is a much easier and less invasive procedure than female sterilisation. For someone who has finished having their family or does not ever want one, it is an ideal long term solution.

How do I pick?

Clearly, that is the key question and the answer is that you should really go and get advice from a professional. What you decide to use will very much depend not just on your current need for contraception but also your age, health, family history and where you are in regards to having or not children. All of the options come with advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered and not all the options will suit everyone so getting good professional advice is the key to helping you decide what it best for you.

Getting advice

If you are in the UK then your nearest GP should be able to help you. When you make an appointment tell them what it is for as they often have dedicated clinics or specific doctors that deal with contraception. There is also a comprehensive guide to all these types of contraception on the NHS website.

However, there are also other organisations you can turn to for help and advice such as

Marie Stopes


and in the USA

Planned Parenthood


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Play it safe

Sex with a partner can be a great thing, in fact it should be a pleasurable experience but it is hard to really enjoy it if you are worried about becoming pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted infection. There are lots of different types of options to pick from when it comes to contraception but only one of them is both a contraceptive and a protection against catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and that is condoms. Most STI’s are transmitted from person to person through unprotected sex or genital contact. Therefore only a barrier method of contraception can significantly reduce your risk of contracting something.

What is Safe Sex?

Safe sex is all about taking precautions and making sensible decisions to help reduce the risk to both you and your partner(s) of getting at STI. Most people assume that safe sex means just wearing a condom but actually good safe sex practises extend beyond just condom use.

Condom and dental dams

Clearly the key to safe sex is to take actual physical precautions when having sex with another person. Wearing condoms is a must for both vaginal and anal sex. Both male and female condoms provide protection and so it is up to you which one you want to use. However most people prefer male condoms for anal sex but make sure you use plenty of water based lube. This not only makes anal sex more comfortable but it also reduces the risk of the condom tearing and exposing you to potential infection risk.

However condoms alone are not enough. Many STI’s can be transmitted through oral sex and that is where dental dams come in. They are thin square pieces of latex that can be placed over the genitals, such as the vulva or anus to create a barrier between the person giving oral sex and the one receiving. Likewise when performing oral sex on a person with a penis a condom should be worn.

Regular testing

Getting regular STI tests is a vital part of safe sex. Taking precautions is obviously a key step but getting tested really helps to reduce the spread of infections. Many sexually transmitted infections have little or no symptoms and it is very easy to have contracted an infection and have no idea about it. Regular testing means that you are keeping a check on the situation and if you have contracted something then you can get the right treatment for both you and your(s) to stay healthy.

Low risk sexual activity

Another way to reduce your risk of contracting an STI is to engage in low risk sexual activities only.

Low risk  sexual activities include kissing, touching your partner’s genitals with your hands, using sex toys with a partner, dry humping (grinding) without clothes, and oral sex. But it is vital to remember that certain sexually transmitted infections can be contracted from oral sex and so using condoms and  dental dams to avoid contact with skin and fluids whenever possible.

There are a few totally risk-free ways to get share sexual pleasure with a partner(s) such as mutual masturbation (when you watch each other masturbating, and dry humping (grinding) with your clothes on. Of course not engaging in any sexual activity at all with another person will also work but for most humans this is just not a happy, healthy option and so learning about good safe sex practises is the best option so that you can have an enjoyable sex life.

 Talk to your partner

One of the key areas of safe sex is being able to talk to your partner(s) about the subject. Clearly this is not always easy and really depends on the type or longevity of a relationship. If it is a one night stand then the likelihood is you are not going to have a particularly in-depth talk about it, but that is the time that you should take all the physical precautions that you can and that does not mean you shouldn’t mention it at all. Far from it, stating clearly your safe sex practices and making sure a partner understand what that means for them before you both start taking your clothes off is really important.

If a relationship develops beyond that then there is more opportunity to discuss safe sex. It is a subject that many people find difficult to bring up but being able to have open and honest conversations about it with your partners is a vital step in being able to make sensible plans together for to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Some tips for talking to your partner.

  1. Sit down and write a list of the things you want to discuss with them and have it close to hand during the discussion that way you won’t forget anything and you don’t have to memorise it all beforehand.
  2. Be open and honest. Tell them you want to discuss it because you like spending time with them and want to be able to share your thoughts with them on this subject.
  3. If you find it really difficult to do maybe try bringing up the subject in an email or text and hopefully that will be a stepping stone to an in person conversation.
  4. As well as being heard it is important to also listen. Try to create an environment where you both feel comfortable, confident and relaxed about sharing.

Ideally you want to work towards being tested together and sharing your results. If you are in an open relationship where one or both of you has other partners then you should be setting up a schedule to have this done regularly but if you are in a closed relationship then testing might be something you do less often.

What is fluid bound?

When a couple (it is usually couple but there is nothing to stop it being a three people or even more) decide to be in a closed relationship together. In other words they commit to only having sexual relationships with each other and no one else, if they all go and get tested at that point and the results are negative then they can decide to stop using barrier methods and they can be referred to as being fluid bound. As long as no one strays outside that bond and has sexual contact with anyone else then all the people within that bonded group can have risk free unprotected sex.

Getting Advice

If you have had unprotected sex, or been exposed to someone who has an STI then you seek medical help. There are lots of Sexual Health Clinics you can attend in the UK or even just go to your GP and discuss it with them.

In the USA depending if you have insurance you might be able to go to your GP but if you don’t have any insurance or not sure if your insurance covers it then your best bet is to go to your nearest Planned Parenthood center.

Getting advice is very important but if you think you might have an STI getting tested and finding out for sure is the key to your future health. If you want to know more about different types of infections, how they can be spread and the possible symptoms associated with them then check out this comprehensive guide. Many STI’s can be treated easily with medication and the earlier you catch them and the easier they are to treat and even those that can’t be cured can be well managed with medication but again, early diagnosis is vital, so be smart, use protection, get tested and encourage all your partners to do the same thing.

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Godemiche Silicone Dildo Pastel Colour Swatch

Pastel Spring Sale and Competition

“Sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love”
~ E.E. Cummings

Yes Spring is in the air, the daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing and the bees are out and about. In a few weeks time it will also be Easter and the shops are already full of chocolate temptations for you to buy, but here at Godemiche we have decided to celebrate all this with some of our very own hand made temptations in the form of a Spring Sale which gives you 30% of everything in our entire Pastel Collection.


All those yummy spring colours just waiting for you to treat yourself or someone else to an Easter gift with a difference and unlike all that chocolate in the Easter Egg aisle of your local supermarket these treats will bring you hours and hours of pleasure whilst being absolutely calorie free.

However as well the Spring Sale we thought it would also be fun to run our first ever competition here on Godemiche and find out just which of the colours in the Pastel Collection is the most popular. Are you a Mellow Yellow kind of person? Maybe you would love an Electric Lavender Ambit? Do you dream of a Blue Lagoon Adam? Long for a Peach Puff Peg? Could you be tempted by something in Paris Green or maybe your heart belongs to Princess Perfume?

Whichever it is we want to hear from you. Declare your love for your favourite colour in the comments below and on the 15th April we will announce which of the Pastel Colours got the most mentions and select 4 people (yes you read the right, we are giving away 4 prizes) at random who listed that colour as their favourite to win a product of their choosing from the Pastel Collection.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us in the comment section below which Pastel colour you yearn for and don’t forget you are in with a greater chance of winning the more people who vote for your colour so spread the word and tell people why your colour is the best colour and encourage them to come here and tell us.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition will run from the 29th March to midnight on the 14th April 2017 (UK time)
2. The competition is open world wide
3. Winner will be drawn at random from the people who have selected the winning colour. The winning colour being that with the most votes in the comments section of this post.
4. The 4 winners will be notified by email address so make sure you leave a working email when you comment
5. Winner will be notified by the 21st April.
6. Winner will get to indicate if they wish to receive a Adam 6 inch, Adam 8 inch, Ambit or Peg in the winning colour.

So what are you waiting for, comment below and tell us which of the pastel colours is the one that rocks your world and maybe it might end up rocking its way to your door as a result!


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Meet the Madman and Madam of Godemiche

In just a few days time we will be strutting our stuff and showing off our many coloured wares at Eroticon 2017. We are utterly delighted to be sponsors of this fabulous event again this year. The sex blogging/writing community have played a key role in our development over the last year or so and we are thrilled to not only be supporting them but also getting to spend time networking and connecting with this talented group of people again.

With that in mind check our video below because we have plans for the weekend and they definitely involve YOU!

However before we get to that point Molly has organised a virtual meet and greet for everyone to join in with, including us, apparently, so here goes…

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Adam and Monika also know as Monika and Adam our twitter is @GSilicone

What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

We come not looking to take from Eroticon but add to, we find it counterproductive going anywhere wanting to get something from it, we much rather go with open eyes and a willingness to learn new things or see new opportunities. Not to look for the golden egg but acknowledge the paths leading towards the golden egg.

This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

Adam – Pitching your ideas 101 and Hashtag sex work, you can never know too much and ideas are not always that easy to come by in your hours of need so any small idea, thought or technique is always welcomed after all you don’t need to do them just to know you can.

Monika – Sex Blogging as Feminism and social justice, I see a large movement in sex blogging and I’m fascinated how openly women can talk about sex now, how important it is to be so honest with yourself in front of the other people and taking part in the conversation.  Also I put my mark on the Twitter, Sex Work and Whores of Yore – social media and sex are the things that excites me a lot! I’m always researching and trying to be up to date with the social platforms. So this topic is great for me!

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

Adam – OMG for someone who lives his life in front of a camera there are occasions where other people remember more about my life than me. I was a firebreather back when I was 17 that was fun

Monika – Back in my teenage life I used to watch a lot of movies. One particular film caught my attention – it was Striptease with Demi Moore – I wanted to be like her.! Everything about the dance and the character impressed me so much that I thought it would be a very sexy and interesting job to do in the future:)

If you made the papers, what would the headline be?

Adam – The Sun – What a Cock-a-doodle-do, The Times – Charging Up The Rear In Business, The Daily Spot – She Left Me For A  Dildo Named Adam

Monika – Adam is the man when it comes to put a name on.

If you could have one skill for free (I.e. without practice/time/effort) what would it be?

Adam – I’d love to be a polyglot and speak any language I wanted or a wiz kid mathematician, both skills I struggle with and would undoubtedly benefit from.

Monika – I’d love to be more self confident , it would definitely help me with all areas in my life.

Complete the sentence: I love it when…

Adam – You’re all quiet, I don’t get much quiet time, silence would be a fantasy, but I do also love it when my balls are licked but that has to be noisy so that’s a contradiction.

Monika – Everybody is asleep, the house is peacefully quiet and I can read a book for an hour without interruption and just enjoy myself, I also like the weekend escapes and to enjoy ourselves alone again.

Eroticon 2017
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Godemiche Silicone Dildo Be My Valentines Love Hearts

Twelve sexy gifts better than a dozen roses

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

Yes February the 14th is around the corner, the day of gifts for the one you love. A little chocolate can definitely work but here are some other alternative ideas for you to consider for treating your beloved.

One Of A Kind Luxurious Box Set

So let’s start with something utterly unique. This beautiful gift of a creative collaboration between us, Godemiche and Wicked Woods. The box is hand crafted by Wicked Woods from Sycamore and off set with bands of Indian Rosewood. Inside the beautiful rippled Sycamore has been carved to fit perfectly around an Ambit, Peg & Plug-B. This really is a one of a kind product and would make a very special Valentine gift for someone.

Earls Court Titanium Cock Ring

Not all rings are meant to be worn on your fingers and this one most certainly is not. This beautiful cock ring is designed to fit perfectly against the contours of your body. It is made from titanium and available in a selection of stunning colours. What better way to celebrate Valentines than gifting your lover this very sexy ring for them to wear with pride, or should that be, on their pride?

Silver ‘Barbed wire love’ collar

Would any Valentines gift list be complete without some jewelry on it? I think not, but that does not mean there needs to be anything traditional about it and this stunning creation by Inofa will I think appeal to those looking for a more kinky gift to give to their partner. You will have to be quick though because if you want if for Valentines then you need to order by the 1st Feb. However if you have missed that then maybe the Silver Dagger pendant might be worth looking out because not only does it look beautiful but it sharp enough to be put to actual sensation play use.

Soy Wax Penis Candles

Of course not all Valentine gifts need to be romantic maybe you are looking for something a little more fun and playful in that case I think these Penis Candles might be just the thing. Made in the exact same mold as the Adam dildo they have a burn time of around 9 hours and the low burn temperature means they are also idea for wax play.

Vamp ~ 3 colour goth inspired wax play set

While we are on the subject of candles I really could not resist including this beautiful set of Gothic coloured candles. Blog red, deep purple and black these soy candles are ideal for wax play. They come gift wrapped in their own little box and I am sure will take the breath away of any wax play lover out there.


Blood Red Ambit

Godemiche Silicone DIldo Blood Red Effulgence Ambit

Did someone say blood red? Indeed they did and if that caught your eye then why not buy a beautiful blood red Ambit from the Effulgence range. Not only is this a stunning red colour but it is also quite literally sparkles and shines. Oh and if blood red is not your thing there are 10 other gorgeous colours to pick from.


Special Edition Valentine’s Figure 8 Cuff

If you and your partner enjoy a bit of bondage then this gift is surely the one for you. It is a special edition of Kink Crafts figure 8 cuff that comes in black with red hearts woven into it. It also comes in 6 different sizes so no matter whose wrists you are buying it for I am pretty confident they will have one that fits you.

Large Heart Pocket Crop

Nothing says I love you, or maybe that should say I love to spank you, than a heart shaped crop. They come in a variety of colours with option for lambs wool or cow hair on one side or alternatively just plain English Bridle leather and if none of that works then you can get in touch with Jack and order something bespoke.

The Tutor

One of the best gifts you can give a person is a really good book and you can’t go wrong with K.D Grace’s new novel The Tutor; An erotic romance with a difference as one of the characters can’t stand to be touched but that makes for a unique tale of lust, love and romance as Lex and Kelly discover there is more to intimacy than just touch.

Rainbow Fun Flogger

How about gifting someone a bit of rainbow colour this Valentine? Of course who gets to feel the rainbow really depends on if you like to give or receive but either way this absolutely gorgeous creation by Daisy Flogger’s will definitely add a swish of colour to your Valentine and maybe your bottom too.


Be My Valentine

And if none of these grab your attention?  Not to worry because the Be My Valentine range has the answer. Every product in the range has floating red hearts all the way down the translucent body and into the tip. You can choose from; Adam 6 inch dildo, Adam 8 inch dildo, Ambit dildo, Peg, Plug-B Small or Plug-b Large and they range in price from £15 – £50 so whatever your budget there will be something in this selection to fit it.

Remember it does not really matter what gift you give for Valentine as long as it comes from the heart but hopefully this list might inspire you to give something from the heart and the loins.

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Godemiche SIlicone Butt Plug Standard Colours

Butt Plug Fun and Games

Are you curious about butt plugs? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Not sure which one to buy? Then you have come to the right place. Let me take you on a little novices guide to the joys of butt plug fun and games.

Big or Small

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to size that is really up to you and how experienced you are at anal play but this if you are looking to buy your first butt plug and are not used to bum fun then I would highly recommend you start with something small. Going large too soon could put you off the whole experience. So take your time and start small.

Shaping up

When it comes to shapes well there are also a lot of variations out there from ones that look like fists to ones with bumps and textures and just about anything and everything else you can imagine. However if this is your first such toy I would recommend sticking with something that is pretty plain and simple with a nice rounded tip. The really important thing to look out for when it comes to butt plugs is that they have a sufficiently flared base to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of it disappearing up inside you. This is really important when playing with any toy anally and why you should always buy a butt plug from a reputable vendor.

It’s a material world

The final thing you want to consider when buying a butt plug is the material it is made from. It should be non-purous, body safe and easy to clean. Metal(stainless steel), Glass and Silicone all make for excellent materials for butt plugs. You want to avoid plugs that are made from Jelly/PVC as not only are they are porous but often contain harmful chemicals. In addition stay away from anything made from TPE/TPR as these are also porous and that is not a good combination when it comes to using a toy annally.

An additional purchase

No matter what plug you end up buying you are also going to need to some good quality lube to go with it. Unlike the vagina, the rectum is not self lubricating and so for the most pleasurable anal experience you are going to want to make sure things slip and slide.

If you buy a silicone plug then you are going to want to stick to a water based lube so that it does not react with the silicone of the toy but if you are going with metal or glass then you are free to pick which ever type of lube you like.

Getting started

If this is your first experience of anal play then you are not going to want to rush things. Make sure you have set aside some time to play and experiment in a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Have your newly purchased plug, lube and any other sex toy that you like using handy. If you are with a partner then get them to start slow. They should know how you like to be touched to best get you in the mood, if not, show them.

Once you are feeling turned on and relaxed start by applying some of the lube to your anus. Swirl it around the opening and gradually apply pressure with your (or your partners)  finger letting it slip inside your bottom. You might want to do this a couple of times as you get used to the sensation and also continue to apply more lube. Once you feel ready then you change the finger for your plug. Start slowly, apply pressure, and try to relax the sphincter muscles at the opening of your ass. Do not trying to shove it straight in with one swift movement. The best way is to take it slowly and let your body slowly open up and accept the plug. You may find that stimulating your clitoris or penis, depending on your gender will also help you to relax.

If you are struggling or finding it too uncomfortable don’t worry about it. Stop, put the plug to one side for now and do something else. You might feel like trying again once you are more turned on or you might want to try again on another day. Do not feel despondent. You have not failed. Anal play is a very different sensation and if you have had no experience of it before then you need to give your body time to learn.  This is not a sprint but more a slow pleasurable marathon with stops for ice cream and massages along the way.

An intro to anal sex

Butt plugs can be an excellent introduction to anal sex too. Again start small and slow and get used to the sensation. Once you find using the toy to be pleasurable then you can think about moving up a step. Try buying a slightly bigger plug at this stage and playing with that before you jump straight to anal sex as a penis or penis sized dildo is definitely going to be larger than your plug. The Peg Beginners Anal Dildo would also make for a fantastic intermediate step as it is shaped like a long finger and designed with enjoyable first time anal experiences in mind.


Butt plugs are definitely not just stepping stones to anal sex though. They are pleasurable sexual experience in their own right. You can use them as part of your masturbation play or even the whole focus of it. Try combing them with vibrators or dildos if you have female genitals or maybe a masturbation sleeve or male masturbator toy if you have male genitals.

Partnered sex

Butt plugs can also be a wonderful addition to your partnered sex and not just as a stepping stone to full anal. Wearing a butt plug while you are fucking can be an intense and highly pleasurable experience for either or both of you at the same time, regardless of which gender you or your partner is. What about pleasuring your lover with your mouth while they are wearing a butt plug or giving them a hand job or fingering them to orgasm? An addition of a butt plug to these activates can often bring a whole new set of fantastic sensations and experiences to your shared sex life.

Got any questions about out butt plugs or anal toys? Fancy ordering a custom coloured plug or peg? Get in touch and let us make it happen for you.

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