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Summer is here (looks out of window at the rain) OK well this is England so not every day is perfect for an outdoor sex adventure but some days definitely are and if this is something you have always fancied doing then this is the right time of year to indulge your outdoor sex desires. Here are some things you might want to think about though before setting off into the great outdoors with horny desire throbbing away in your pants.

This is not about exposing yourself to unsuspecting parties who have not consented to seeing you having sex hence discussing planning in advanced, picking a location wisely and wearing clothes that make it easier to be discreet.

Preparation versus spontaneous

Whilst a spontaneous quickie might seem like the way to go, and it definitely can be done, some planning and thinking ahead means that you are far more likely to actually achieve your goal, you are less likely to be caught and maybe, most importantly of all, it will be the fun and sexy experience you have been fantasising about.

Find a location

The good news? It is not actually illegal in the UK to have sex outdoors as long as you are not doing to expose yourself to others non-consensually. However having sex in some public parks and public toilets is prohibited so location matters. Spend some time scouting out possible locations. Quiet woodlands off the beaten track, fields, barns, the beach, a hotel room balcony (depends on the location obviously). As a general rule there is less risk of being caught in a rural setting than in an urban setting but if that is your only choice look for quick alleyways, abandoned industrial areas, subways etc but always check for CCTV camera’s and just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there and can’t see you. If in doubt don’t do it. Of course if you have your own garden that is not too over looked then that is definitely the ideal place for you to enjoy some outdoor sex fun.

Pick a time

The problem with waiting for night fall is if you are going for a rural location it may well be too dark to navigate your way to your chosen spot. Trying to walk through woodlands or fields in the dark is not easy. However day time clearly comes with the added risk of being more visible of someone does stumble upon you and it just being more likely that people will be around. The best time of day for some outdoor sex is at dusk, just before it gets proper dark, although be mindful of where you are and how dark it is getting. Again you don’t want to be trying to find your way home in the dark. The other good time is the very early morning. In the summer the sun rises somewhere between 4 and 5am and so getting up early, before most other people means you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the dark and you are very unlikely to be disturbed by anyone at the time of the day.

Plan your outfit

One of the benefits of it being summer is that you can wear less clothes. You are not going to need coat, hat and gloves in order to stay warm. Trying to fight your way through layers of clothes to get to each other is going to make the whole thing a lot more complicated and maybe even impossible. Wearing a skirt or a dress that allows easy access and maybe leaving your knickers at home might also be a good idea. Or at least popping on a pair that are easy to pull to one side. Likewise loose fitting shorts or trousers with easy access openings or elasticated waist bands is also a good idea. You are unlikely to completely strip off so clothes you can work around are vital.

Pack a bag

Actually you mostly want to travel light for this game but depending on your location and time of day there maybe a few things you might want to consider taking with you. If you are picking a evening/night option then don’t just rely on your phone for torchlight. They have a nasty habit of running out battery just when you need them most. Bring at least one proper torch with you and make sure the batteries are new. You may also want to consider taking a blanket, bug spray ( or apply a good covering before you head off) and of course don’t forget the condoms and lube.

Assume the position

So whilst you might pack that blanket to take with you in which case laying down in the long grass or in the woods is definitely on the cards you might want to consider you both staying on your feet so as to avoid potentially laying on something you really don’t want to. Using a tree to lean up against can be a really good idea or depending on your location, a brick wall or even a stile or a fence to brace yourself against. Also remember sex does not have to be penis in vagina. Giving someone oral sex, a hand job and or fingering them also totally count and are often easier to do in an outdoor location.

Tell us your stories….

So we are curious to know about your stories and experiences when it comes to outdoor sex shenanigans. Have you ever done it? Where and when? Did you plan it or was it a spontaneous thing? Did you get caught in the act? Or maybe you have an outdoor sex fantasy you have always wanted to do. We would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Disgusting.

    Kink’s cornerstone rule is CONSENT and never involving a non-consenting party. Outdoor/public sex violates this completely.

    1. Hi there

      We are sorry you feel this way. We have stated in our post that exposing yourself to non consenting parties is absolutely not OK and not the point of outdoor sex. However humans having been having sex outdoors since time immemorial and will continue to do so and so writing something about how you can do that in a way that reduces the risks of anyone seeing you seemed like a good subject to cover. For many people, particularly young people with no safe space to go with a partner having sex outdoors might be their only option. Again being prepared and thinking about where would be a good safe space to do that is the best way to go.

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