Friday Finds #8

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Welcome to Friday Finds #8. Our regular post in which we share a few pieces from around the net that have caught our eye over the last few weeks.

This Is Why Men Don’t Understand What Women Find Attractive

Do you have a dating profile? Confused about why women don’t seem to respond to it. Maybe it is your photos that are putting them off. This piece discusses that subject and how men think women want to see one thing when actually they want something else entirely

“Alejandro, 29, was one straight man who thought muscle pics would be a surefire way to rake in matches from straight women. When he realised that he was having more success with photos in which his muscles weren’t centre stage, he made a TikTok asking women why this was the case.”

The Psychedelic Science of ‘Gooning’ — Or Masturbating Into a Trance

Yes really… I am not exactly sure how to explain this but Gooning seems to basically be extreme edging that takes you into a altered state. It also seems to be mostly people with a penis who indulge in gooning although not exclusively. Buy gooning take time and dedication, it not exactly a quick release thing…

“Like anything worth accomplishing, gooning takes practice. To goon, Christfister says, “Instead of powering through and jerking off 100 percent to orgasm, you ease off around 90 percent and slowly build up” to the point of no return. He computes that the goon state happens “around the last two to three percent” of heightened pleasure, just short of orgasm. “When you can get to that point and can maintain it without cumming, you can basically stay in an orgasm state that lasts for hours instead of seconds,” he explains. “I’ve had gooning sessions where I’ve edged for 14 hours in a single sitting before finally cumming.””

When does ‘treat them mean; keep them keen’ go too far? This is what happens when flirtatious ‘teasing’ turns toxic – and how to spot it

Have you been watching Love Island (UK)? If so you will have probably seen the fallout from the Mad Movies night that resulted in Faye spending most of an episode screaming and shouting at Teddy. It was hard to watch to be honest as she hurled abuse at him over and over until he was almost in tears. This piece is related to that but also more to her somewhat harsh and blunt style of communicating when it comes to flirting and looks at when banter changes from something playful and fun to something toxic and potentially abusive

“Jo Barnett, a professional dating coach and relationship expert, confirms that while ‘banter’ may not feel cutting at the time, persistent put-downs can erode self-confidence. “Asking someone, ‘Are you really wearing that?!’ just as you’re going out will eat away at their self-esteem. The digs can be small and subtle, but they’re still damaging.””

Has the Sex Scene’s Long-Awaited Reckoning Finally Arrived?

And whilst we are on the subject of television this one is a really interesting piece about how sex scenes in TV shows have changed over the year particularly with more shows being produced by streaming services that are not restricted by often outdated rules and regulations when it comes to sex and bodies.

“In recent years, however, on-set intimacy coordinators have become more commonplace to act as liaisons between actors and directors and choreograph sex scenes in a way that makes everyone involved feel safe and comfortable. Shows like Netflix’s Sex Education have gone above and beyond with their realistic depiction of awkward teen sex, featuring participants of all sexual orientations and addressing once-taboo subjects in a frank, comforting way that makes it rival any actual sex education class. Others, like the soapy period piece Bridgerton, have gone out of their way to put female pleasure front-and-center (in one episode, for example, we see the hunky Duke of Hastings enthusiastically performing cunnilingus on his bride). Dramas like Hulu’s Normal People and HBO’s I May Destroy You have used sex scenes to highlight the importance of obtaining consent.”

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