Friday Finds #10

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Can you believe it is already October? The month of clock changes and all things spooky and Halloween themed. So let’s see what Friday Finds we have in store for you this time round

Halloween colours

We are going to start with something of ours because well, it is very topical and only here for a few weeks so if you miss it, you miss out… and that is our 2021 Halloween Colour mix.

The Monster of Thomas Mansion By Alec Lake

So how about some horror themed erotica to delve into seeing at it is THAT time of year. Content Warning for chasing/hunting, chocking, fear.

“She paused for a moment at the end of the corridor, looking left and right to see where to go. A sudden bang behind her told her she was too late, and she spun round to see the creature right next to her. His arm shot out and grabbed her by the throat, pushing her up against the wall, squeezing her neck. A moan escaped from her lips.”

Inside the secretly vibrant business of porn MP3s

We love some audio porn. We even have a whole post about it with audio porn for you to listen to which was written by Girl on the Net and so this article caught our eye. It talks about how sex workers and adult content creators are getting creative with audio porn and sharing different tailored content to their customers

“There isn’t yet a site exclusively dedicated to audio — no AudioHub or OnlyMP3s — but there should be. Right now, a lot of the audio action takes place on Clips4Sale, one of the oldest sites for indie creators in the erotic space, where I’ve been selling aural content for over a decade. NiteFlirt, an online phone-sex site, also allows creators to sell MP3s. Popular subreddits like Gone Wild Audio allow for models to post links to sample content and find buyers. Audible and other such platforms carry audio erotica; you might think their stuff is tamer than that of porn sites, but I promise you, much of it isn’t!”

Crushes & First (Same-Sex) Kisses: Coming Out In My 30s Made Me Feel Like A Teen Again

Discovering your sexual self or embracing the true you when it comes to sex and relationships is not only an teen/youth experience. For many people it is something they find themselves doing later in life often post marriage or long term relationship. I know that was the case for me and whilst it is wild and liberating it can also feel like you are out of step with the rest of your friends. This article really captures that but also focuses in on the joy of finding your way no matter what age you are.

Although norms around sexuality and orientation have opened up dramatically in recent years, many women questioning or exploring their sexuality later in life find themselves in this awkward liminal space: an emotional coming-of-age without the support and understanding that comes with real adolescence.

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