Our Best Texture Yet!


Spikes is our best texture yet and it’s the one we reach for every time!

At first glance, the spiky texture might look scary but as soon as you feel the soft and flexible spikes everything changes.

What you will find amazing about this texture is how it moves around your body to give you clitoral and full vulva stimulation.

The spikes are so incredibly soft and flexible, moving unpredictably across your body at you grind back and forward.


Because the spikes are so soft and unpredictable they can flick your clit left and right as you grind each the occasional spike sliding down your labia.


Other times the spikes miss your clit but work their way between your two labial lips for a full vulva sensation.


If you love penetration and clitoral stimulation, then the Spikes Grind Ring is going to light up your life and your eyes. It quickly became our goto texture and were confident once you have experienced the Spikes Grind Ring it will be yours too.

Psssst don’t forget you can get spikes in this years amazing Halloween colorway ‘Blood Bath’

Grind Ring Spikes Blood Splatter Halloween 2021

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