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We have had a Godemiche Instagram account for a long time now and Monika has worked extremely hard to build up a following there but gradually over time she had created amazing content that people seemed to love. We even got the amazing 10k followers count that meant we could start using swipe up links on our stories. Amazing! Brilliant! Well done Monika… but then something changed

Last October we noticed that engagement on the platform seemed to fall away. We didn’t think that much of it. It has happened before, often after Instagram removed posts that they deemed to be sexuality explicit, so we carried on, were extra careful with images and waited for things to pick back up and we waited and waited and…..

Well you get the idea.

Sadly nothing changed, if anything it got worse. The number of likes on a post continued to fall and the stories views just went down and down. We even had people comment that they never saw our stuff on their feed even though they followed us and when they tried to search for us nothing came up. But we continued to wait. Surely things would get better eventually?

Well eventually never came and so after doing a lot of reading and research on the subject we have decided to try something new and have started a completely new Instagram account. @TheGodemiche We have posted on our old account informing all our amazing followers of the change but because that account seems to be so limited we realise that not everyone is seeing that post and so we wanted to write something here on our blog in case you are one of those followers who have missed the change or are just new here and would like to find us on IG.

We are very sad to leave that account behind and we will continue to post the odd thing there from time to time but Monika’s famous and much loved stories can be found on the new account along with regular grid posts too. Hopefully in time we might make it back to the coveted 10k follower count and be able to use the swipe up facility but to be honest the amount of engagement and even traffic from the new account with less than a thousand followers far outweighs anything we have had on the old account in the last 6 months.

Navigating social media whilst selling sex toys is never easy. The opportunities open to other companies with regards to advertising and promotion and very often completely denied to companies like ourselves and so we have to adapt and do things differently. This change is just another example of the kind of things we have faced in this regard over the year but we are determined to continue using the platform and hopefully regrowing our followers there SO, if you followed our old account and missed that we moved, please do come and find our new account and if you never followed up before, well now would be a great time to start and get to see all the behind the scenes content that Monika shares throughout the week with everyone there.

What you waiting for, come press out Instagram button! @TheGodemiche

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