What is the Godemiche Grind Ring?

What is the Godemiche Grind Ring?

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If you’re the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but want more clitoral stimulation that’s silent and will never need recharging or require batteries. Then you’re going to love the grind ring.

What is the Grind Ring?

The Grind Ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable then a pizza slice too and way fucking dirtier.

The Grind Ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

As with every Godemiche toy we have created the Grind Ring as something we want to use as a couple but it can be enjoyed by anyone with a vulva that wishes to get more clitoral stimulation during penetration.

HOWEVER, that’s not to say that is the only way for you to enjoy the grind ring. So if you buy one and enjoy it please do let us know how you’re using the Grind Ring and so we can amend the descriptions to help other people find the right toy for them.  


How do you use the grind ring?

The way you use the Grind Ring is by placing a dildo or penis thought the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from you.

When using a strap on harnesses the Grind Ring will slip over your dildo and rest on the outside of your harness.

If your using a penis, then you can either slide the penis throught the whole or stretch the hole and scoop the balls with the penis though, so wearing it more like a cock ring.

When the Grind Ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clit against the soft textured mound.

It really is that simple and with a selection of textures there’s something pleasurable or even slightly sinister for every person.

Grind Ring Textures

Currently the grind ring come in 4 very different textures for you to enjoy.

So lets take a closer look at each one and see how they feel.


 “Not to intense, unless I really grind deep down on it”

So this as you can see is a simple texture that offers a light to medium amount of stimulation as you grind. With the bumps are small and spaced apart the sensations are delicious.  

Grind Ring Bumps Winter Berry, Boy Bye, Pastel Pearlescent Pink Texture Top Down Group Picture


 “My clit feels like it’s being banged in a hard fuck as it bounces over the bubbles”

Despite the bubble texture being large the stimulation is lighter, smoother with an almost bouncy sensation as your grind across it.

The only way I can describe the sensation is similar to how your clit can feel during a hard fuck, that banging sensation over and over again but also faster.

Grind Ring Bubbles Winter Berry, Boy Bye, Pastel Pearlescent Pink Texture Top Down Group Picture


 “The texture I feel the most, I almost want to grind it more”

The Waves are one of our more intense textures.  The intense texture comes from the ‘wiping’ affect of each wave as you grind backwards and forwards.

The waves act like mini tongue’s, as your body slides over each wave it delicately bends and then flicks back up as you move on to another wave.

Not only does this sensation work as you grind forward but you get the same delicious feelings as you grind back down creating this continual tongue like sensation.     

Grind Ring Waves Winter Berry, Boy Bye, Pastel Pearlescent Pink Texture Top Down Group Picture


Spikes is the next texture to be launched in the Grind Ring range.

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with that said let’s take a closer look at this amazing spike texture.

 “Like siting on soft pins, you can really feel the texture but it’s much softer than you think”

These fuckers are fun, not quite as tortures as they look but defiantly not a light sensation. Each one of the spikes are soft and very flexible and as they make contact with the body they slide unpredictably left and right of your vulva.

Sometimes a spike flicks across your clit and then slides down your labia, other times a spike glides down past your clit and between your two labia lips.

Grind Ring Spikes Scarlet, Boy Bye, I Got Pachhes You Got Cream Texture Top Down Group Picture

You now have all the grinding knowledge at your fingertips to buy the best texture for you.

Cleaning the Grind Ring

Cleaning your new grind ring after use is as simple as using a mild soap and rinsing under warm water.

Some textures will need a little more attention to cleaning than others but overall the grind ring is a very very easy toy to clean.

NOW go enjoy your new Godemiche Grind Ring and stay colourful!

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