Peachhes Collection – The Names

The Godemiche SIlicone DIldo Peachhes Collection

Last week we introduced Peachhes to you and this week we’re launching her new colour collection and unveiling the colours and their names, picked by Peachhes for her Godemiche range.

If you think picking colours was difficult, picking names it’s another kind of difficulty that gives you mental fatigue. However, all the brain ache is worth it because each colour has a story behind it and this is true for the new Peachhes collection. I have to admit some of the names at first confused me, ‘Boy Bye’ was one of them but then finding out its meaning made me fall instantly in love with it.

Peachhes before we start talking about where these five colour names came from talking to us about picking the names. How did you find it? Were there names that you had but never used? And finally, tell us a little about how your mum was helping with names? We love this by the way and I’m sure if given the opportunity my mum would love to name some of our colours for us.

It’s the sassiest colour in my collection so for that I needed a sassy name! Boy Bye couldn’t be more fitting for me. Independent ladies don’t need no man and a dildo in this colour! You’ll never need a real dick again! .. that’s a lie, real dick is wonderful but you get where I’m coming from.

Devil dick is the kinda dick that’s probably not good for you but you can’t help but keep going back because, well, it’s too damn toxic to give up. So ultimately this came from the fiery depths of dick hell!

Yes Daddy Peachhes Colour Collection Blog Strip 1

Black for my love of all things black but this is a dedication to my Daddy Kink, I go weak at the knees hearing the sentence ‘that’s a good girl.’ 

The colour of a really good bruise! I’m a masochist and absolutely love being spanked, hard!. If it doesn’t bruise like this colour you’re not doing it hard enough. 

‘You got the peaches, I got the cream

Sweet to taste, saccharine!’

This came from a Def Leppard song called Pour some sugar on me. I used to dance to this when I worked as a dancer in a club and I love the play on peaches = butts and cream = cum! 

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