Friday Finds #9

Friday Finds #9

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Welcome back to Friday Finds #9. Another edition of our round-up posts where we share a selection of interesting bits and bobs we have discovered on the internet over the last month. So let’s do it…

Planera; World’s only certified flushable pads.

As someone who menstruates I am hugely aware of the environmental impact of menstrual products so I am always interested in new products that potentially help to combat this problem even more so as I am someone who has not been able to find a menstrual cup that works for me. So I was excited to read about Planera; World’s only certified flushable pads. At the moment they are still working on increasing production but you can register on their site and they will let you know what product is available.

Sleeping with A Married Couple Helped Me Find Post-Lockdown Confidence

Lockdown has had huge impact of people’s lives including their sex lives but it has been especially hard for those who don’t live with their partners or who are single. This piece is a fascinating piece about how one woman found her sex groove again by dating a couple.

Browsing couples, I knew that as a rare ‘unicorn’ (a woman joining a couple), I could afford to be choosy – there was no way I wanted anything messy. Then I stumbled on Simon and Jane, a long-married couple who wanted to expand their horizons for the first time. Something clicked;

Making my own dildos: Hannah Witton

Last month we were delighted to welcome Hannah Witton to our workshop so she could come and make her very own dildos and also make this brilliant video for her youtube channel. We had so much fun that day and we love the resulting video she made so much that we have to share it with you all here

The Great Horny Takeover of Twitter Spaces

Heard of Twitter Spaces? Maybe not, they are a relatively new feature on platform but basically they live broadcasts where users can let in a select group of people to listen and even engage with the person hosting ‘the space’. Turns out that smart savvie sex workers have quickly worked out how to use this space which they are now called Squirt Space

“Of course, each of the Dommes I interviewed had a sanguine perspective on that potential catastrophe. Yes, says Addictive Abby, Twitter could absolutely purge her stopgap dungeon from its servers, but another venue will inevitably take its place. (She speculates that Discord could make for a good home.) From Patreon, to Tumblr, to OnlyFans, sex workers are perpetually escaping to a new frontier.”

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