Friday Finds #14

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Welcome to Friday Finds #14 – The first 2022 edition!

The Agony and Ecstasy of Packing Underwear for Trans Guys by Jake Hall

Everyone deserves sexy well fitting undies in our opinion but that can tricky if you are a trans person so we love that this article deals with that issue when it comes to being a trans man

“Not every trans guy chooses to pack, but for those who do, finding underwear designed for packers can be a nightmare — either they flop around and fall out, or they’re difficult to wear with packing harnesses (which can be used for extra security). In this sense, Cooks’ video isn’t just a lighthearted resource for trans guys seeking recommendations — it’s a wholesome glimpse of the joy that comes with finding underwear designed with your body in mind.”

It’s Time We — Or Really You, and Your Partner — Had a Talk About Masturbation

We have written a lot of stuff here about masturbation including mutual masturbation and so completely agree with the author here on the importance of being able to openly talk about masturbation and self pleasure with your partner.

You don’t have to give your partner a heads up every time you’re off to rub one out, but being able to talk openly about something as normal, natural and important as masturbation without giggling like a couple of schoolgirls seems like a pretty crucial part of a healthy sex life to me.

What Does It Mean To Be “Bi-Curious”?

Do you identify as being Bi-Curious? Or maybe you have heard those words but are not absolutely sure what it means? We are always interested in the language around sex and this piece points out some very real reasons why the term bi-curious is one that maybe needs to be retired

It feels like a product of bi-phobia because we don’t expect heterosexual people to be sexually experienced before we believe they’re heterosexual. In fact, they can save themselves for marriage and still be straight.”


We love boobs here at Godemiche and so we had to give a mention to the Boobday meme that is back in action again. It is a celebration of all chests and breast and their are various ways you can join in if you wish or just visit and enjoy the boobage on offer to you.

This is a safe and inclusive space and everyone and anyone is welcome to participate in BoobDay. BoobDay is about celebration and support. ‘Boob’ is a term that is intended to be gender neutral and it includes the chests and breasts of all sorts of folks. BoobDay is not limited to cisgender women. Basically, if you want to celebrate the beauty of boobs and join in with like-minded, body-positive, people who are embracing their curves or lack thereof, this is the link-up for you!  

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