Friday Finds 17

Friday Finds 17

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Welcome to Friday Finds 17. I know it has been a while but we have been busy bees and so got distracted but the result is we have some fabulous things to share with you this week so let’s get started

What Exactly Is the Kivin Method of Oral Sex?

Do you know? Well done if you do but we had never heard of it before so were intrigued. Basically it seems to be about the positioning of the people involved and relates to giving people with a vulva oral sex but the combination of the mouth and fingers sounds good so it’s definitely going on the ‘to try’ list.

This is easily accomplished thanks to the sideways position of the giver; when they come in from the side, they have the ability to flick their tongue side to side across the clitoral hood and vulva, rather than up and down. That action can be paired with a finger putting gentle pressure on the receiver’s perineum, aka the spot between the vagina and the anus. This provides a whole different type of stimulation that can be pleasurable for the receiver.

Is It Love If You Can’t Hold His Dick While He Pees?

Have you ever held your partners penis while they pee? Or maybe you are the partner with the penis in which case has a partner ever done that or even wanted to do it. Confession; I have totally done this with a partner. It was fun and also harder than it looks. Let’s just says there had to be some mopping after but I enjoyed it and definitely think there is something very intimate about it.

“I just want to know what it feels like from a guy’s perspective to pee,” Vesper, a 22-year-old Fansly model tells me. “Or to hold it and aim it for them, or to write my name in the snow. I’ve always wanted to do that. They’re just fun to touch and hold.” Similarly, @thee_body on Twitter explains that they want to do it half because of penis envy, and half because of the extreme bonding element. 

Is Semen Actually Anti-Aging?

Pretty sure we have all heard this claim at one time or other but has it just been made up by men wanting to come on their partners face or is there actually some truth to it?

“The problem — as is the problem with many supplements — is that spermidine supplements aren’t standardized and are rarely checked to see if they actually contain what’s on the label, says Dr. MacGregor. In other words, “Use at your own risk,” she says.”

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