5 of My Favourite Ways to Use the Godemiche Grind Ring

5 ways to use your grind ring

I’m not just saying this because they’re paying me to write this post: the Godemiche Grind Ring is a truly excellent sex toy. It is genuinely innovative (a comparative rarity in this industry), highly versatile, and it just gets its job done so, so well. 

Like many of the greatest sex toy, the Grind Ring works brilliantly for its intended purpose but also has other uses that may not be so immediately obvious. I’ve been asked to share some of those with you. So to that end, here are five of my favourite ways to use my Grind Rings. 

Sex with me on top

You can use your Godemiche Grind Ring for partnered sex in just about any position you can think of, but it works best for those positions that involve a lot of close bodily contact. I’ve found that the Grind Rings really come into their own in me-on-top positions (sometimes referred to as “cowgirl” or “reverse cowgirl”). 

When I’m having partnered sex in one of these positions, the movements tend to be more “grind” than “thrust”. Adding a Grind Ring means that I get a lot more direct clitoral stimulation. 

Best Grind Ring for this use: Hearts 

As a hand sex add-on

I have long been of the opinion that hand sex – fingering, mutual masturbation, finger-banging, hand jobs – is criminally underrated and one of the hottest ways to have sex with another person. As someone who generally prefers clitoral stimulation to penetration, it’s also one of the most likely ways for me to orgasm during partnered sex. 

One of the first times we tried the Grind Rings, my partner and I discovered that they make amazing add-ons for hand sex. I like to loop the Grind Ring’s hole around my or my partner’s wrist, and then place the back of the ring against my palm and use it to stimulate my vulva and clit. 

This can feel amazing if all-over vulva stimulation is something you enjoy. It can also be a great way to perform hand sex on your partner with less physical effort if you suffer from fatigue or pain in your hands or wrists. 

Best Grind Ring for this use: Bubbles (or Spikes if you’re feeling brave!) 

Masturbating at my desk

Look, I write about sex for a living. Sometimes I get horny while I’m sitting at my desk. (See also: writing erotica, cyber-sexing with hot partners). I’ve found that placing a Grind Ring on my desk chair and grinding against it in a sitting position is an amazing hands-free way to masturbate. 

Something that can take this to another level entirely is to put a little bit of arousal gel or balm on your Grind Ring. I like the Bliss Balm from Lovehoney. You’ll feel extra tingles with every movement. 

Pro tip: put a towel down or you’ll get sex fluids all over your desk chair. 

Best Grind Ring for this use: Waves

With a vibrator

Full disclosure: I got this idea from Girl on the Net’s Grind Rings review. Using your Grind Ring alongside a vibrator can provide all kinds of interesting and unique sensations. 

My favourite way to do this is to lay the Grind Ring over my vulva and then use a powerful mini vibrator (the Blush Nocturnal Bullet is my fave) over the top of it. You can also loop the Grind Ring’s hole around a wand vibrator such as the Magic Wand or Doxy, and either put it on a flat surface to grind against or simply hold it against your vulva. 

You might be surprised at how different the vibrations can feel with added texture. 

Best Grind Ring for this use: Pyramid Spikes 

With a dildo

I don’t masturbate with dildos that often, largely because I’m more of a clitoral stimulation fan. Penetration by itself doesn’t do much for me. But if I add a Godemiche Grind Ring into the mix, using one of my favourite dildos (usually one of the several Ambits I own) becomes a whole lot more fun. 

The easiest way to do this is to loop the Grind Ring around the dildo in the same way you would a penis. Then you will feel the delicious textures every time you thrust. The positioning can take a bit of practice on this one, so experiment with different angles to find out what works best for you. 

How do you use your Godemiche Grind Rings? 

Share your favourite tips and we might use them in a follow-up to this post in the future. 

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