What’s the Best Kind of Lube for Strap On Sex?

If I could make one recommendation to virtually everyone to make their sex life better, it would be this: add lube! When it comes to strap-on sex, whether you’re doing vaginal or anal play, lube is essential. Let’s look at how to choose the best kind of lube for you. Unfortunately, lube still has something of […]

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Strap on DIldo What To Consider Before You Buy One Blog post Banner

Strap-On Dildo – What to Consider Before You Buy One

Whether you’re just starting out with strap-on sex or looking to upgrade your toy collection and try new things, buying a strap-on dildo can be a minefield. There are so many options out there, how can you possibly know what to choose?  Here are a few things to consider when you’re picking your next strap-on […]

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Next Level Strap on Sex Blog Post Banner

Next Level Strap-On Sex

Once you’ve mastered the basics of strap-on sex, there are all kinds of ways you can enhance your experience and take your play to the next level. Regardless of your gender, genitals, or relationship configuration, there are more ways to have strap-on sex than you think!  Here are six hot and sexy ideas to help […]

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The Complete Guide to first time Pegging for Beginners

The Complete Guide to Pegging for Beginners

The idea of pegging is alluring and daunting in equal measure to many people. It also seems to be becoming increasingly popular with lots of people wanting to have their first pegging experience. When I first entered the sex positive community in the late ‘00s, barely anyone was talking about it. Now, pegging is so […]

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Strap On Sex A COmpleat Beginners Guide Blog Post Banner

Strap-On Sex -A Complete Guide for Beginners

As someone who writes about sex for a living, I get a lot of questions about strap-on sex. Many people, it seems, are curious about strapping it on. But how does strap-on sex work and how do you get started?  Read on to find out everything you ever needed to know about this incredibly hot […]

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How to Navigate Your First Swingers Club Visit

Maybe you’ve always fantasied about going to a swingers club, or maybe the last year of lockdown has made you crave a sexual adventure or two. If you’re keen to get out there when we emerge from the pandemic and clubs reopen, you probably have a few questions.  Don’t worry – going to a swing […]

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Whats the big deal with squirting anyway Blog Post Banner

What’s the Big Deal with Squirting, Anyway?

Squirting is one of those topics in the sexuality world that is both intensely alluring and intensely controversial to many people. Some people are still questioning if it even exists, while others feel frustrated that they haven’t been able to get there.  So: let’s talk squirting!  “Squirting refers to the expulsion of fluid from folks […]

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Which Type of Non-Monogamy is Right For You Blog Post Banner Purple

Which Type of Non-Monogamy is Right For You?

People often think of monogamy and non-monogamy as a binary choice – you’re either one or the other and there is no middle ground. But I prefer to think of both monogamy and non-monogamy as a spectrum, with tonnes of middle ground and grey areas to play around in.  If you think you might be […]

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consent is sexy

Consent is Sexy (and Necessary)

Did you know that 30th November is International Day of Consent? Of course, as a sex writer and educator I believe that EVERY day should be International Day of Consent! But just what is this consent thing all about anyway – and why is it so important that we talk about it? What is Consent? […]

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