What Are Hump Toys?

What Are Hump Toys Blog Post

We are delighted to welcome Amy from Coffee and Kink back to our blog to talk all things hump toys!

For many of us, and particularly for people with vulvas, humping and grinding was our first introduction to sexual pleasure and orgasm. Activities like grinding and dry humping also often play a central role in many people’s early explorations with partnered sex as they present no risk of pregnancy, a reduced risk of STI transmission, and do not necessarily even require clothes to be taken off. 

Unfortunately, as we get older and explore a wider array of sex acts, grinding and humping may get forgotten. But innovative sex toy manufacturers like Godemiche are on a mission to bring this underrated form of sex back. 

What is “Humping?” 

“Humping” refers to rubbing your genitals against something (a pillow, the arm of a sofa, part of your partner’s body…). It can feel intensely pleasurable and, for many people, is a reliable way to reach orgasm. Some people use humping as a form of foreplay, warm up, or as a precursor to other types of sex and masturbation, while for others it’s the main event. 

So why has this wonderful, versatile, and incredibly erotic act historically been so overlooked in the world of sex toys? That’s where hump toys come in. 

What Are Hump Toys?

Hump toys, also known as grinding toys or hump and grind toys, are external sex toys that are designed for you to rub your genitals against. They are typically designed with pleasure for vulvas and clitorises in mind, but many of them could also be enjoyed by a person with a penis. 

What Kinds of Hump Toys Are There?

Hump toys take many different forms. Some, such as Godemiche’s Grind Rings, have a hole that allows them to be worn around a penis or dildo during penetrative sex. This provides extra stimulation to the clitoris, which the vast majority of people with vulvas need in order to reach orgasm. 

Other hump toys, such as the Grind Pad, are equipped with straps so they can be fastened to a surface or body part. This offers an array of possibilities, from adding additional stimulation while you are grinding against a partner through to turning an ordinary household surface into a sex toy. 

Many hump toys are textured in various ways, providing different options for sensations and varying levels of intensity. They may have ridges, bumps, waves, bubbles, soft spikes, and so on. Some hump toys also vibrate, thanks to either internal motors or space for removable bullet vibrators. 

How Can I Use Hump Toys?

The wonderful thing about sex toys is that, though they might be designed for use in one particular way, there is no rule book. As long as you are being safe and have consent from everyone involved, you can use your toys however you like!

Hump toys are wonderfully versatile and offer a huge array of options, no matter whether you’re single or partnered, queer or straight, male or female or non-binary or anywhere else under the rainbow of gender and sexual diversity. 

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to use hump toys to get you started. 

Masturbate with them

There are so many ways to masturbate with a hump toy–lie face-down on your bed with it underneath you, fasten it to a surface such as a pillow, or even just hold it in your hand and stimulate yourself with it. 

Experiment and try things out to see what feels good, and let your body take the lead. 

Use them during cyber sex, sexting, camming, or erotica writing

Hump toys are perfect for placing underneath you while you’re sitting at your computer. Whether you’re writing (or reading) erotica or engaging in a little digital smutty chat, using a hump toy allows you to masturbate just by moving your body rhythmically against the toy. 

If you do online sex work such as camming (or just enjoy doing this for fun,) you can also use your hump toy to turn yourself on and entertain your fans while keeping your hands free to do other things. 

Strap one to your partner’s thigh

Grinding against a partner’s leg while kissing or making out can be incredibly erotic. Want to turn up the heat even further? Strap a Grind Pad to their thigh. This allows you to enjoy the feeling of your bodies being in close contact, turning you on and getting you off while keeping both partners’ hands free to touch, hold, stroke, tease, tickle… 

Use one during penetrative sex

Godemiche’s Grind Rings were initially designed with this purpose in mind, since penetrative penis-in-vagina sex does not provide enough direct clitoral stimulation for many people with vulvas to reach orgasm.

Don’t forget about strap-on sex, too. You can loop your Grind Ring around a strap-on dildo in just the same way you would with a bio-cock.

Get Creative!

As with all things sex, you are limited only by your desires and your imagination when it comes to using hump toys. Have an amazing idea for how to use one that we haven’t covered? Go for it! (And please consider telling us about it because we’re always interested in learning about the new and creative ways that people are using sex toys.) 

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