Pretty Plug

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When asked to pick a butt plug from the selection the only possible choice is the pretty plug. It is a delight to welcome back Chloe Meyer to our blog again with some more of sublime erotic fiction for you to enjoy.

“I asked you a question, little one.”

I knew that, and yet, my mouth opened soundlessly, swollen lips falling open as the tip of my tongue darted out to wet them.

He asked me to pick a toy.

Between us, they were spread out across a black velvet cloth. They sparkled even in the low light, their rich tones and varying textures all catching my attention in one way or another. Each of them beautiful in their own way,  much like the gems their colours seemed to mimic. They were jewellery, I suppose, and intended to be displayed as such; that was fitting.

Tonight, we’d try something new to adorn my body and chase the pleasure of his power over me. Months prior, I’d become utterly infatuated with the idea of gems, tails and other adornments as a means to explore pleasure in  new places.

Literally, ass play was a whole new thing for me and I rapidly became fixated with the different sensations, shapes and feelings each new toy I tried elicited. I loved the fullness of a plug in my ass as I explored the familiar territory of my pussy with my fingers. I loved feeling it through my inner walls, and tapping the ends of the pretty plug as I did so. I loved wandering through my daily routine with it in, no one any the wiser to my naughty secret. It thrilled me.

Putting a plug in my ass had become a ritualistic part of my pleasure, and I associated it with hedonistic indulgence and gentle rebellion. He loved that I enjoyed it so much, and we’d spoken at length about the way I felt about this once-forbidden foray into anal play.

But I’d never let him watch.

My eyes moved across the spread of butt plugs again, from the largest one gleaming silver with a full bulbous tip across the row of tiered and speared silicone colours that shimmered and swirled much like my thoughts. I looked up at him, his jaw set hard with expectation and eyes soft and encouraging. The duality set me at ease and on edge, stirring up my own duality as my pulse picked up.

I counted my heartbeats out loud as I held his gaze, “ 1– 2-..”.

On three, my hand darted out, fingers curling around the toy I’d chosen at random as my stomach flipped with anxious anticipation. Turning my palm up, I presented him with my selection, observing it as I did so. Deep teal in colour, the pretty plug was silicone and shimmered with the glitter it contained. Shaped like a teardrop, I imagined it was the depths of the ocean suspended in a single drop and wondered briefly what that would feel like sliding into my ass.

“Good choice. Now what comes next?”

We’d gone over this earlier in the day, talking abstractly about something that felt like such an intimate exploration. Part violation and all adoration, we were taking new steps into a grey area for me. As much as I wanted to be hesitant or above the excitement of indulging in taboo by now, the thrill of ass play excited me even now. Next came the lube. I reached blindly toward the tube I’d selected when I struggled to pick a toy. He extended a hand, and I obliged his wordless request to squeeze the thick lubricant onto his fingertips.

The pretty plug still sat in my palm and I ran my fingers over it deftly, caressing the gentle curve of its body. The thin tip flared gently into a full curve with thickness just below its centre before narrowing once more and widening into a base that was anchored in both directions. I couldn’t help but not the parallels to my own body’s curves and dips.

“Very good, little one.”

My skin flushed hot and cold with pleasure at the praise as I brought my feet beneath me to turn around and present my ass to him. From this angle, his power had never been more clearly stated. I knelt at his feet, his broad frame towering over me, the air thick with anticipation even as he held himself at relaxed attention.

“Are you ready?” His voice was gentle, without expectation or demand. He held himself impossibly still and waited until I nodded, my hand opening once more to pass the toy off to him.

“Say it, please,” he requested softly, his hand coming to rest on my shoulder.

“I’m ready, Sir.”

“Good girl,” He told me softly, caressing my arm softly and offering a brief squeeze before…

“Now turn around.”

These words were a command, and I did as he asked, turning until my back was to him while I remained kneeling. This was my playtime but very much his experience, and he remained in control so long as I felt comfortable with it, just as we’d  negotiated.

And so I turned, slowly leaning forward until I was on all fours. I paused briefly, wiggling my hips briefly so my ass swayed as he gazed down at me. I heard his huff of laughter as I continued forward, tucking my arms down as my ass came up, cheeks spreading just a little from the splay of my knees as my chest pressed forward. I shifted slowly forward until I assumed the age-old 90’s song position: face down, ass up as my cheek and breasts pressed into the high pile carpet beneath me.

His exhale stuttered, and the sound of it heated my blood further as he leant toward me, kneeling just behind me to run his hands up the backs of my thighs. He caressed me, touching my hips, my ass and thighs in long slow strokes briefly before bringing his thumbs along the curve where ass meets thigh until they met one another.

He pressed them in lightly before gently pulling apart, giving himself his first unobstructed view of my ass and pussy. His sharp inhale told me he liked what he saw. The low, involuntary growl confirmed it beyond any doubt. I grinned, and then it was my turn to suck air in as his fingers swiped lube across my asshole without warning. I rolled the soft silicone between my fingers, savouring the supple texture before reaching back and briefly extending the toy for him to coat with the extra lube.

“Thank you,” my words were soft and likely lost to the distraction of me slowly running the tip of the pretty plug along the crack of my ass. I imagined the way the glitter would catch the light in this fully-exposed position, and I felt my body heat and flood with need at the thought.

I slid the tip of the teal plug along my ass once more before pressing it gently against my body, applying slow, even pressure with my palm as I pushed it past the first barrier of resistance and felt my ass stretch to accommodate the intrusion.

I should feel degraded.

Maybe I did. Maybe that was half the exquisite pleasure of it all.

I inhaled, increasing the pressure as I exhaled, feeling ever millimetre of the flare in the tear-shape of the toy as it filled me. My body screamed, not in pain but in hyper aware curiosity. My senses lit up, each blazing with intensity as I took note of every sensation: the pressure of the carpet on my breasts and cheek, the heat of my skin, the invading press of the pretty plug and, amplifying them all, the magnetic sear of his gaze watching my every move. I flicked my wrist just slightly to press the toy forward more, driving it home in that one quick motion.

Just like that, I was filled, and the toy nestled against my ass as the anchors of it seamlessly rested against my pussy and ass crack. I held still, breathing evenly and adjusting to the fullness of the toy inside me.

I could still feel its flare and taper, and I was acutely aware that when I did next move, I’d feel them then too. I knew that if I dipped a finger into my (soaking) cunt now, I’d feel them there as well.

His breath was ragged behind me, and I felt his hands once more moving along the sides of my ass, methodically up my thighs in a gentle caress.

Then, in a breathless and reverent tone, he spoke, “ Can I touch it?”

I almost laughed at how uncertain and awed he sounded. I wondered what it would feel like if I did giggle with the soft intruder filling me in such a delicious way. “Yes.”

His fingers traced along the curve of my ass once more before he tentatively reached out and stroked the toy gently.

“Tap it.” I encouraged.

He did, and the vibration of the motion moved through me with exquisite intensity. I moaned at the feel of it. Something so personal, decadent and deviant in the most delicious ways, now shared with someone else.

His fingers traced the toy before moving forward, dipping between my pussy lips and finding me slick and waiting. His fingers dipped into me and it was his turn to gasp as he crooked a finger and felt the flare of the pretty plug through my pussy, just as I knew he would. My Cheshire grin grew and then immediately broke on a moan as he stroked the toy through my stretched and sensitive walls.

The needy sound emboldened him and he withdrew his finger only to add a second one. It was a tight fit and every time he thrust his fingers into me, I could feel the toy rock against me, shifting the plug in my ass. I rocked back against it, against him, grinding helplessly as the sensations of my stretched ass and my full pussy overwhelmed my manners and need consumed them all.

“Do you like that?” The smugness had returned to his voice, and a bit of the command now layered atop the awe and husky need of his tone.

He damn well knew I did, but I wasn’t above telling him, as long as he didn’t st-

Just as I prepared to say yes, he withdrew his fingers and I whimpered at the bereft feeling of needing to be filled but finding myself utterly empty instead. He laughed as I humped the air, grinding back to seek the sensations he’d provided. I wondered absently if he could see the sparkle of the anchor between my thighs.

“Little one, I think I’ve got something you might like,” he said and, through his gravelly need, I heard the slide of his zipper.

My mouth and my cunt both went liquid at the proposition.

“Can I fuck your pretty pussy with this pretty plug in your ass then?”

I thought he’d never ask.

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