Friday Finds #12

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Yes it that time again where we share with you a little selection of interesting pieces we have found online over the past few weeks. So without further ado: Friday Finds 12 here we go…

On No Nut November

Have you heard of No Nut November? It is basically a month-long abstinence exercise for men which originated on reddit. Unlike other abstinence month, although nearly all of them come with some element of judgement of shaming about the thing that is being given up this one is particularly problematic because… well actually read the article by Going Medieval to find out more

“Fundamentally, I am very much of the position that people can do whatever they want with their bodies. Don’t want to wank? Fine. Don’t want to have sex with women? Even finer if you are the sort of woman-hating douche who thinks you can save up your magical sperm to have us pawing at you. What I am not fine with, however, is the misogyny at the heart of the idea, and the framing of what is fundamentally a discredited form of thinking as “rational”.

In which I use Godemiche grind rings the wrong way

Yes we know this is about our product but we also know that lots of you like to read reviews to help you decide if a product is right for you or not. We particularly love this one because it involves using the Grind Ring in a way we had not previously experimented with so maybe if you don’t have a partner to share one with at present the Grind Ring might still be for you.

I had one that was bumpy and one that had waves, and if you twisted my arm and made me pick between them I’d say bumps are marginally better. You can also get spikes, which I chickened out of because I don’t want spikes near my vag, but now that I’ve actually felt the textures I totally get why that’d be good and I’d bet decent money on these being the most effective for Doxy-grind-ring-wanking purposes.

‘Door Ajar’ – The Kink of Unlocking Your House and Inviting Strangers Inside

Have you ever fantasised about leaving the door ajar and waiting on the bed on bent over the sofa with a blindfold on for some mystery person to come in and fuck you like that and then leave? It is actually not an uncommon fantasy but it seems in the men seeking men dating/hook-up world it is a kink that is often played out.

“However, Howley also points out that there is absolutely no reason for this kink to be stigmatised. “Set your boundaries, talk openly and honestly about what you both want from it, and as long as you’re both on the same page, there is nothing wrong or shameful in what you are doing,” he says.”

So We Tried Those Viral Tiktok ‘Sex Chocolates’

Not us? Although having read this it is tempting to give them a go. Have you tried them? If you have we would love to hear your thoughts on them and if you have no idea what I am talking about them read the article

“The night after experiencing The Sex Chocolates, I went to a dinner party attended by six other women, and handed out the remaining chocolates. I asked the guests to try them, if they liked, and report back. Sex chocolates are a great conversation starter—it was like I had gifted every woman a Sea Monkey kit or a crisp $2 bill. But weeks passed, and no women reported back. I fretted. Were they on chocolate-fueled sex benders? Had I overestimated my friend’s friends’ interests in having their sexual exploits recorded in detail on a popular website?”

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