What You Think

What You Think


Here at Godemiche, we make toys to be enjoyed, to be admired, and to help you in your own personal sexual adventures. It’s always a delight to hear what you think and we always encourage customers to leave reviews that help other people like yourself to make the right choices when picking a sex toy.  

“When we added the Grind ring the first time, I felt a heady rush of satisfaction at feeling what I wanted to feel- direct stimulation against my clit and vulva- while also having his (and my) hands free to touch wherever else we wished.”

“Honestly, my delight at the way Spikes feel may border on inappropriate. Not only did I love it way more than I thought I would, it genuinely might be my favorite partnered toy I’ve ever tried.”

“I also found it erotic how the tap of my finger, feel of vibration or even the smack of my palm against the base transmitted sensation through the entire shaft of the toy.”

“This toy in incredible. Although I have a number of Godemiche toys this is my favourite and made me realise that I love girthy toys. The Adam 8″ is my go-to toy when solo or with.”

“This is officially one of my favorite toys in our collection now. It fits wells, the colour is great, and oh, boy, does it make you drool. Customer service was also excellent! It got here in a couple days once it shipped.”

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