Friday Finds #15

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It’s that time again; Friday Finds #15 is here for you to dip into and find something to keep you entertained!

F is For Flaccid Cocks Rock

We love this ode to the soft cock. We love the humour on the piece but also it captures so perfectly how sexy and alluring a the flaccid penis is.

As much as erections are a sleek, perfect example of form following function, they’re a bit ostentatious. If, in a group of flaccid cocks one of them got erect, would that one not look like a bit of a show off? It’s a bit ‘pick me’, isn’t it? The soft cocks would be saying, “There goes Kyle, always has to be the centre of attention.”

Inside the Berlin Cyber Brothel Where VR Brings Sex Dolls to Life

So there are brothels and now there are sex dolls. This is what happens when you bring those two things together.

“Each doll has their own personality, narrative and lives in a unique world,” says Alexis. “Depending on what a person or a couple might be interested in exploring, they can curate something special at Cybrothel. Do you want to travel into a soft, sexy, galactic pleasure palace and try out a threesome with Kokeshi? Or would you rather dip your toe into full submission and be dominated by Mistress Oxana? Or somewhere in between? It’s really about a conversation between our clients and us as to what they desire.”

Italy’s 70-Year-Old Porn Star Politician Is Still Fighting, Tits Out and All

Traditionally sex work of any type has not been conducive to a political career but there are some rare folks who have definitely bucked that tread. One of them is the amazing Ilona Staller, better known by her porn pseudonym La Cicciolina. As she never let her sex work get in way of her she is also not letting age do it either

Unlike basically every other politician in history, Cicciolina proudly screamed her sexcapades from the rooftop, and she got away with it, too. Even at 70, her re-entry into the Italian tabloids is bound to excavate past debates about her controversial legacy, but so be it — the world according to Cicciolina would include more boners, more justice and more radically progressive policies. As she famously said: “Down with nuclear energy, up with sexual energy.”

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