Friday Finds #13

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Welcome to lucky number Friday Finds 13. Our bi-monthly round-up of interesting bits and bobs from all over the internet.

Top 100 Sex Blogs 2021

This really is kind of the ultimate Friday Finds list. A round-up of amazing sex bloggers who write a huge variety of content and many of whom post images too. If you are looking for sexy, informative, well written content then you will find it on this list.

Is Fondue a Sex Thing?

I have never thought of it as such but on reading this I maybe converted. How about you?

“While a cholesterol-heavy pot of melted cheese may not seem particularly sexual at first blush, it is a dish that requires a significant degree of intimacy. A dining experience meant to be enjoyed with others, fondue demands close proximity, shared food, as well as shared cooking and eating utensils. Essentially, if you’re eating fondue, it better be with someone you’re comfortable swapping spit with. To this end, “Fondue is by nature intimate,” says Sax.”

How to Give Yourself a Life-Changing Orgasm With Prostate Milking

We are all about prostate play here at Godemiche so we love seeing articles like this popping up in more main stream publications. This is a really excellent guide to Prostate play too so if you are interested and want to know how to give yourself a prostate orgasm then this have some great advice

“Prostate orgasms also may last longer, be more intense or felt throughout the whole body, and can lead to multiple orgasms in a short span of time—Gravaris and other prostate enthusiasts called it the Super O. “The sensations are that intense. Blissful. Otherworldly. With no refractory period. That means that you can experience multiple orgasms,” he said.”

‘Wild Things’ Existed at a Time When There Was Actually Sex on the Big Screen

A couple of weeks ago we published a piece here that was all about sexy movies you should watch this winter. We didn’t include Wild Things on it but having read this I think we probably should have!

Were movies like Wild Things ever treated with respect? Probably not, largely because a movie like Wild Things never aspired to respectability. Forget the worthless description “guilty pleasure” — why defensively feel guilty about something you like? — and instead think of it as the kind of movie that sneaks through the crevices of your better judgment, tapping into the lizard brain part of your psyche, that area that enjoys watching good-looking people be bad and do indecent things to one another. You can find sex anywhere on the internet, but there was something great about it being embedded within a movie.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Grind Ring “Waves” and “Bumps”

We are very excited by the fact the the grind Ring is fast becoming our most popular selling toy and certainly the one that people are asking the most amount of questions about at the moment. So we thought we would include another review of the Grind Rings by a blogger. This is Amy’s second review, she links to the first review in this post. So if you want to more about all the textures (apart from the Pyramid) she has you covered.

Just this morning, I told Mr CK I was writing up this review, and he asked me which of the Grind Ring designs I liked best overall. After thinking about it for a moment, I declared Waves my favourite.

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