A Cracking Christmas (FREE With Orders Over £67)

Free Kinky Godemiche Cristmas Craker With Orders Over £67 Blog Banner

Give your friends a surprise this Christmas with a Godemiche Christmas Cracker.

We’re not kidding, image pulling that normally boring Christmas cracker and instead of nail files, plastic puzzle pieces or that silly curling fish flying everywhere this time there’s an explosion of mini colourful dildos that bounce around.

Inside every Godemiche Christmas Cracker you are GUARANTEED to find:

  • Two Godemiche minis or Godemiche mini keychain
  • Sweets (Haribo or Lollipop)
  • Two Naughty Festive Jokes
  • Two discount codes
  • A Godemiche Sticker

You can buy your kinky Christmases crackers in packs of 1, 2 or 4.

Also until Christmas eve (24th December 2021) we are also giving away free Godemiche Christmas Cracker with orders over £67 simply select your FREE cracker at checkout and have a cracking Christmas.

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