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The thick, smooth shaft heightens your orgasm as your body contracts squeezing this girthy toy.

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If your looking for a semi-realistic silicone dildo that will give you a stretched and full feeling then the Adam realistic dildo is the toy for you.

The thick, smooth shaft heightens your orgasm as your body contracts squeezing this girthy toy. The semi-realistic head, inspired by real genitals, has texture and a large head that lightly rubs the G-spot and Prostate giving you extra stimulation.

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The Ambit comes with a standard flat base, you can specify a vibrating base (which includes a Rock’s Off Bullet Vibe) a suction cup base, or a Vack-Lock base (Come with a hole in the base to insert a Vac-u-Lock). Not all base options are available in all sizes.


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone, making them non-porous, body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and very durable. All our silicone sex toys come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.



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15 reviews for Adam

  1. KT (verified owner)

    We bought Adam by mistake as we hadn’t realised how big and girthy it was. We didn’t use Adam for ages as we were worried it might have a detrimental impact on me. We needn’t have worried though as when Adam didn’t finally come out to play the results were just amazing. Not only was it a real turn on for me to use on my wife, seeing her react to it, but she also had some amazing orgasms. Adam is now a regular in our sex play and we are so happy with bought it. I can’t recommend Adam highly enough, well worth the money and the results are our of this world!

  2. Anon

    These are Great!

  3. Isabella

    Super nice it’s like a work of art

  4. Ashley

    I underestimated the size of this toy and cannot use it quite yet, but I am very happy with the beautiful colors and how well it matched the description I provided!

  5. Shaefa

    Amazing quality, exactly what I was hoping for. The suction cup is incredibly strong and I never have to worry about it coming undone in the shower.

    The silicone is a little harder than I was expecting, but that’s actually a good thing for me as I prefer harder toys.

    And not only is the toy itself great, but the shipping was incredibly fast! Despite having to come all the way to the US from the UK, it took no time at all to get here. I was seriously impressed by that.


    Actually bought this for the art of it, but eventually it will come into play!

  7. Emery Cash

    wonderful! fastest international shipping I’ve ever seen

  8. Isabelle Mercado (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and brilliantly textured, is one of my new favorites

  9. Duessa

    This toy in incredible. Although I have a number of Godemiche toys this is my favourite and made me realise that I love girthy toys. The Adam 8″ is my go-to toy when solo or with partners.

  10. Sam Williams (verified owner)

    I think personally for me going for the 8″ one was a bit ambitious, 6″ would’ve been enough, but it is very fun nonetheless. Would recommend if you like girthsome semi-realistic toys in nice colours. The silicone is quite firm, but not unpleasantly so, making insertion pretty easy. I can’t speak for how much the silicone drags because I used a condom over it, but while washing it felt quite smooth to the touch so you probably wouldn’t have to go overboard with lube, although it doesn’t hurt to use more than you need (Spunk Hybrid is great). On the topic of condoms, if you’re like me and use them to make cleanup easier you probably will need to get some bigger ones for this toy because getting a regular-sized durex on there was quite a stretch although that might be because of the ridge between the head and the shaft. Further testing is required.

  11. Kate Cole

    It’s a beauty ? The dimensions listed are 100% accurate, and the pour came out great. Having such a detailed size chart was super helpful! If you want a relatively hefty, soft, realistic dildo that will glide without drag in use, this is a winner.

    For anyone who’s wondering as I was, the coronal ridge IS somewhat formidable- but only upon first insertion. After the initial pop it’s all moderate G-spot stimulation from there. No curve will be necessary to reach those areas for most females, because the flexibility, generous length, and jutting out of the head enable that. 🙂

  12. Charlotte

    very good quality, thank you.

  13. Isa Alejandro (verified owner)

    Get an Adam in medium firmness and I guarantee you, your knees WILL wobble after you use it. Best penetrative orgasms of my life. That’s coming from a person who prefers orgasming from their clit, too.

  14. Klaus

    I’m really enjoying this toy. It’s beautiful to behold, both for the colours and the sculpting. I ordered it without being sure I could accommodate it, but after some initial adjustment I find the girth just drives me wild. I will note that I purchased the 15A firmness, and I wish that I had purchased the 0050 in retrospect; but I still love this thing, and I’m very happy with the purchase!

  15. ERT (verified owner)

    A beautiful toy, as usual. The large at 0050 firmness takes a little patience to insert the first time. Once it’s inside, the girth of it keeps a wonderful pressure against everywhere you could want it and the softness makes deep penetration a very enjoyable experience.

    Also, customer service was very helpful in fulfilling my order and ensuring good communicaton.

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