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    Are you sure? Adding lube now means you get the best posssible price

If you are looking for a curved silicone dildo designed for G-spot and/or Prostate stimulation then the Ambit should be your first choice!

Want to squirt or try to squirt? Then the Ambit is also recommended.


Made with a medium/soft silicone (15A), the Ambit has enough strength to apply pressure to the G-Spot/Prostate to help heighten your orgasm and also helps with squirting.

Designed to curve into your body and find those perfect pleasure spots.  The curve in the Ambit combined with the slightly curved bulbous head. The shaft is perfectly smooth and the tapered almost arrow-shaped tip makes for easy and comfortable insertion. The head of the Ambit is not flat but curved slightly to be like the soft tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensation.

The base is circular and flared making the Ambit strap on harness compatible, you will need a 1.5 inch or 40mm o-ring. The curve in the shaft f the Ambit means that it will stand horizontally when in a strap on harness making it much easier to use.



Colour Style

Your toy will be hand poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 4 different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me – We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

– Single Colour – A single solid colour throughout.

– 2 Colour Marble – Two colours poured together.

– 3 Colour Marble – Three colours poured together.


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone making them body safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.


All our deliveries are made in either plain boxes or bags. On the shipping labels the sender is always
ABMM ltd.  Our packaging is ALWAYS plain and ALWAYS discreet to ensure only you know what’s

Shipping in the UK

If you are in the UK when you check out you have the option to select either Royal Mail or DHL.
Royal Mail option is Royal Mail Tracked 48 which aims to deliver your parcel within two to three
working days after they receive it from us.
DHL is a fully tracked 2 day service where you can manage your delivery yourself through their
tracking portal. They aim to deliver your item within 2 working days of them receiving it from us

Shipping in the EU

All shipping in the EU is sent Royal Mail Tracked unless you are in France where we only offer DHL as
a shipping option

USA, Canada, Australia, Rest of the World.

Your shipping option is DHL but in some rare cases where you live in a remote area we will then send
it Royal Mail. We will let you know if we have to make this swap.
If you are buying from us from outside the UK then you are liable for any custom duty and import
changes your country applies this includes the whole of the EU.

10 reviews for Ambit

  1. Chaste4501

    We love these UV toys… We already had an ambit with suction cup base (there’s a video on my instagram showing it on my bathroom window, trust me – it sticks!!!) and we were thrilled at how the gorgeous and superbly engineered design can reach all the right places, particularly Her g-spot. We have an ambit each, and the one She pegs me with hits my prostate every time without any problem when we go missionary. I also really enjoy the sensations this wonderful dildo gives me in other positions too, something the bog standard dildo can’t quite manage.
    You have to try this toy – you’ll not regret it 🙂

  2. Chaste4501

    There’s a video of our Princess Perfume suction cup ambit attached to our bathroom window on my instagram, and as you’ll see this gorgeous toy is stuck fast on there – I’m giving it a fair old bashing! It’ll stick to pretty much any flat surface you have for lots of lovely hands free fun, of which I’ll let your imagination run… we’ve even managed to get this toy to stick to a wall!
    Our favourite game with this ambit version is a take on “pin the tail”, where I’ll stick it to a door or a wardrobe etc and get my girlfriend (when she’s in slave mode) to try and ride it without using her hands. As I wrote at the start of this review, it’ll take some bashing and has withstood some rigorous bouncing from the missus once she’s managed to achieve insertion. This is very much another toy you need!!!

  3. Piper

    This is the best non vibrating toy I have ever bought. I came home to see my package sitting in the mail. While unwrapping it I was imagining wether of not I would like it, would it be to small compared to my other toys. All my worries were cast away when I started to play with it. Perfectly pink and sparkly the way I wanted, the suction cup works way better than my other toys, and it… I kid you not fit scrumptiously. Nestled comfortably in all the right places and helped me be cheeky all night.

  4. Iris

    I loved the color selection, you dudes are on a roll with colors! I decided on this collection mostly because I’m a sucker for pastel lavender, ya got me.

    The head and base are the widest parts and since I ordered the large, it was definitely a great experience. First time in awhile I orgasmed without using my hands, it’s like Godemiche is the Fairy G-Spot mother!

    I would definitely buy from here again, professional quality silicone that doesn’t ever come with a chemical smell, what more could ya ask for?

  5. Raptor

    Great product, 10/10 would recommend. Hit the spot just right!

  6. Alanis Wellbeloved

    El material es de gran calidad, no tiene ningún olor, la forma es perfecta. El envío fue sorprendentemente rápido. Repetiré! Gracias 🙂

    The material is of high quality, it has no odor, the shape is perfect. Shipping was surprisingly fast. Repeat! Thank 🙂

  7. Ana Ros

    Beautifully made. Shipping was very fast. If you’ve been thinking about buying the Ambit, do it!!!

  8. Star

    Super cute and quick shipping!! I love the pastel colors and it feels great!

  9. Ashlea M

    The medium Ambit is just the right size and so much fun! I love the lavender color too.

  10. Isla Howarth

    Completely obsessed with the Rose Gold from the pearlescent collection, these toys are stunning! Not only are they beautiful, but well made, amazing to use, and I love that it’s a small UK company who hand pours each toy. The customer service was second to none when I had a small issue of my own doing, and I will 100% be shopping here again, and again, and again.

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