Streetwalker – Sinful Sunday

Streetwalker – Sinful Sunday

My latest escapade doesn’t include many clothes.

It was a last minute thing around 10.30 pm on a Friday night when I thought – I need a picture!

I grabbed my camera, tripod and leather jacket nothing else. It was so excited feeling my skin against the rough leather.

Only if they would know;) I thought, with a big smile on my face, passing random people on the street…



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  1. I love the way we have to search for you in the dark but once you find you, or should be your beautiful breast, the rest of the image was lost to me

    Oh and I am super proud of you going out on your own to do this


  2. This is fabulous! It took me a minute to see you, you lead our eye away down the perspective of the lane and we have to bring our eyes back to see you there in the shadow. Really clever photo!

  3. Awesome photo! The thought of going outside naked (but with a coat on) is quite thrilling. I have a cosily lit alleyway near me perfect for this sort of shot

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