Kinky Holiday Bondage and Butt Plug by May More

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I thrive on a lot of attention. Thankfully my man understands and delivers. Here is one of the many times I was hoping for a good fuck and got one.

We were on holiday without my date night clothes or make-up – just a red lipstick. All of our ropes, whips and sex toys were at home. Except for a green butt plug I always keep in my toiletry bag.

We did have one other thing on our side: imagination.

Knowing my place

Just when you think your sex life can’t get much better, it does, and you are left reeling at your good fortune in finding someone so in touch with everything you do…

Lipstick applied, I glance in the mirror. My skin has a sun-kissed, healthy glow so I choose white lacy knickers, matching bra and white shirt to complement my tan and head out to the kitchen. Smiling appreciatively at the sight of me, he serves dinner accompanied by a bottle of local sparkling wine. Delicious.

Afterwards, while chatting, he stares intently at me with his dark brown eyes. My heart immediately begins to race. Removing a rope fixture from the curtains he secures it around my neck with a cable tie (never travels anywhere without them). It feels tight now it’s in place and my breathing quickens in anticipation, but I know I can cope.

Leading me over to the sofa, he removes my shirt and pushes me to kneel. There’s a large wall-mirror hanging in front of us. Standing behind me he lowers the cups of my bra so the wire pushes my boobs higher. The effect is stimulating to us both. Then, as he pulls back on the rope around my neck, my tits are thrust even further forward. Before I have time to take in the sexy reflection, my knickers are yanked down and legs splayed apart. Fingers find my warm moist spot and intrude.

“Fucking slut, you’re as wet as can be,” growling in my ear.

He lifts his hand and firmly spanks my arse. Then his belt lands with repeated cracks on my bum and back. I scream, lowering my head into the rear of the sofa in pain. But I want more and inhale deeply as his cock enters me. I’m pummelled forward into the sofa cushions as he fucks me hard and fast for his own enjoyment.

Yanking me back by my hair he forces me onto my knees. His cock rests at the entrance to my mouth and I lick the tip. Our eyes lock and he taps the right side of my face with the palm of his hand. I know from experience this means he wants me to carry on, slowly and gently.

“Good bitch,” he sneers.

Taking it up a gear he secures my mouth firmly on his dick and vigorously propels forward. I begin to gag and splutter, he responds by smearing my cheeks with his saliva smothered cock.

I push my face into his stomach in an attempt to regain composure but am reminded of my place and ordered into the doggy position on the carpet. He’s behind me now, tongue between my legs, licking my clitoris and caressing the entrance to my cunt. Then he steers it into my anus. I moan out loud. This always gives me a small shock of pleasure because of its taboo nature.

He asks where I want him to put his cock next. The fucking was so good earlier I reply,

“my cunt”.

Grabbing the butt plug he slowly and deliberately presses it in my arse. Then pulling on to the tie around my neck, he enters my pussy, swiftly. My juices are flowing as he pushes in deep. Experiencing that bittersweet sensation when a man thrusts forward a little too far, I cry out, but he just shafts me more, spanking my arse cheek with each thrust.

“Fucked in both holes, you dirty whore,” he goads.

The feeling of fullness from wearing a butt plug increases the intensity of the fucking and I teeter on the verge of a climax. But adrenaline is pumping through my veins. At times like this sometimes it’s impossible to find a release.

He falls back on to the sofa and pulls me to him, pushing my head onto his cock. I massage it with my lips and tongue, as he sits back into the sofa cushions and relaxes. Very calmly he spurts into my mouth and down my chin, exhaling slowing.

Pulling me up to face him he kisses me passionately and tells me how much he loves me.

“Thank you for letting me have control of your incredible body.”

I rest my head on his chest and close my eyes knowing I am just where I need to be.

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  1. Wow. This is brilliant May. I love that you always keep a butt plug in your toilet bag and you have me sold on the idea of this is the potential outcome. This sounds like a really hot scene and the intensity of the connection between you is clear. Now, where did I put my toilet bag?

  2. I’ve been itching to read this all day but things have conspired against me. Thankfully all is quiet now and I’ve been able to sit down with a glass of wine and savour the delights of your writing. It was sheer pleasure from beginning to end May and has set my heart racing. I was going to bed shortly but I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep with all your sexual delights whirring around in my head. CP xx

  3. Very erotic encounter May, lucky you and lucky him that you found each other and an alighment of sexual appetites. I love the way you describe how you feel (attitude) as well as what you feel (sensations) – that’s the icing on the cake for me. I must investigate more with a little butt plug sneaking in on the penetration action!

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