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Halloween approaches; The night of darkness and and mystery and so we thought we would treat you to some Halloween inspired erotic fiction and what better person to write it for us than the talented Cara Thereon. To read lots more of her dirty words then head over to her blog but only once you have read these ones first….

The candles flickered as Vivian finished the summoning circle on the hardwood floor. She wiped the chalk from her palms before stripping out of her clothing. Kneeling by the circle, she opened her spell book and concentrated on the feeling inside her. She didn’t need the book, but had always used it to summon and didn’t feel comfortable calling spirits forth without it. 

Being this close to Hallow’s Eve brought the spirits close to the surface. A full moon shone through the window, illuminating the circle and adding a glimmer of energy to the air. She traced symbols in the air and the energy grew heavier. Over and over, Vivian traced the air until the energy was thick and almost alive. When she was satisfied the energy was just right, she began to chant. 

The energy in the room grew electric. She could feel it racing along her skin, the air vibrating as she chanted. The candles burned brighter, sending out their own vibrant light. 

It always had an interesting effect on her, that throbbing energy. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach, her cunt growing wet as the energy moved through her. Anticipation tightened her nipples to hard points. 

“Do you feel them?” Rick’s voice came from behind her nearly making her jump. 

Vivian’s chanting faltered when Rick’s hand slid between her parted knees from behind. His hand slid up her back, sending a different sort of energy rippling through her. He’d promised her he’d behave until after the summoning, but the promise didn’t seem to last long. It didn’t help that her every gasp encouraged him on. 

Ignoring him, Vivian rose up higher on her knees, lifting her arms and chanting the words she knew by heart. The air grew warmer and warmer until a sudden chill descended over the room. 

“Come forth.” She beckoned them, hearing the whispers in the room as they appeared in the summoning circle. White wisps danced in the center, solidifying into shimmering bodies. Some human and some not so human moved with in. 


There was a tremble in Rick’s voice. He gasped softly behind her, but she kept her focus on the rising spirits. 

“Vivian.” This time his voice blended with the whispers and echoed through the room. 

Suddenly all the noise stopped as though sucked out of the room. Vivian could hear her breathing in her ears, but could no longer hear the spirits. Rick’s cold palm between her shoulder blades made her jump. She made to turn her head. Rick stopped her with a hand at her nape, but not before she saw the shifting of his face as though inlaid with another face. A skitter of fear raced up her spine. 

“Don’t turn around.” He sounded far off, his voice lost in the rising of the spirits’ presence. “Don’t open your eyes.” 

Enjoy. A soft whisper in her ear made her shiver. The palm at her back gave a push sending her to her hands and knees. Cool hands tickled up her back and into her hair, pulling until her cheek touched the wood floor. He trapped her hair beneath his palm, preventing her from moving. 

It was eerie, the chill of other hands moving along her body and the warmth of his hands as they circled her chest to cup her breasts. He pinched her nipples and this time she moaned loud, goosebumps racing along her skin. 

Fingertips danced along her naked spine. The whispers returned then, light touches dancing along her skin that mingled with Rick’s fingers as they moved. “We’ve been waiting for you, Vivian.”

She gasped as Rick released her hair and pulled her hips up, teasing her cunt with his cock. Rising up, Vivian froze when something cool rubbed along her lips. She hesitated for only a moment before parting her lips. It was a solid length that slid over her tongue to the back of her throat, filling her mouth with cold hardness. Vivian reached out to touch the spirit, her hand passing through a thick mist. The hand caressing her face felt as solid as the cock slowly thrusting between her lips. 

Something cool fastened to her clit and sucked hard as Rick thrust deep into her cunt, making her gasp around the cock in her mouth. She arched her back, spreading her thighs for the spirit teasing her there. Sucking at the cool hardness in her mouth, she welcomed their use of her body. 

They fucked her in tandem, Rick’s hands digging into her hips as ghostly hands held her face. Cool fingers pinched at her nipples when the cock entered her mouth and then sucked at her clit when thrust deep into her cunt. Vivian kept her eyes shut as the energy surrounding her expended and crackled. 

A hand landed with a loud crack on her ass and Vivian felt that electric energy explode out of her as she came. Sparks flew, blue light dancing in front of her closed eyes. Her nails dug into the hardwood floor as the energy rocked her. 

“Vivian.” The echo of the spirits’ voices in her ear preceded coolness flooding her throat, sending another surge of energy through her body. 

She’d barely recovered when Rick lifted her up from behind. He wrapped an arm beneath her breasts and kissed her hard, his usually warm lips cool. He held her, groaning into her mouth as his cock pulsed. He felt hot inside her, making her groan as he slowly pumped cum into her body. She felt his release like a sizzle of heat in every part of her. 

Sagging in his arms, the energy drained from her body. The candles flickered out and plunged them into darkness. Even the moon hide behind the clouds. They were suspended there for a long breath. 

“Those were some friendly spirits.” His voice broke the spell. 

She shuddered as he hugged her to him. “Very friendly.”

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