About Us

Welcome to the unique and intimate world of GODEMICHE, where style, sexual pleasure and the need for unique products go hand in hand.

GODEMICHE is a small team of two, both artisans, lovers and sex toy enthusiasts that want to leave you amazed, in awe and willing to whip out your new sex toy and show the world.  We quickly found out that making dildos made us happy, using them makes us happier but knowing that you’re enjoying/about to enjoy them makes us ecstatic, you could call it job satisfaction.

Made using only the very best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved or cosmetic grade colour pigments. Silicone is non porous meaning your toy will not harbor bacteria if cleaned correctly and does not contain carcinogens or toxins. We care about what we put in our body as well as the pleasure we get from it so its important that all GODEMICHE sex toys are completely made by hand, big or small everything is hand sculpted, hand mixed and hand poured .

Why do we make them by hand? Because we like to, we want to and we know every one has been made with care.

Our goal isn’t to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo.