Privacy Policy

GODEMICHE Privacy Policy

You privacy means a lot to GODEMICHE and we do everything we can to respect your privacy rights. When shopping and purchase at GODEMICHE we will ask for personal information such as your name, billing address, payment information and the product selections. This information is so GODEMICHE can successfully perform its duties as an online merchant. Registered users will have the ability to change their own information at their leisure.

Other information that we may collect are things such as your browser type, the country your service provider is located in, an IP address, what pages you have viewed during your visit, any websites you came to us from.

We collect this personal information you provide us with to

* To complete you placed order

* To allow a hassle free purchasing process when returning

* Better improve your shopping experience on our website.

* With your permission, to reliably inform you of offers or products that may be of interest to you.

Cookies help us make things better

Cookies are used to see how visitors interact with our website, cookies are also used to personalise our content for your visit and keep track of your current shopping session, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Our cookies DO NOT retain personally identifiable information.

Unwanted emails = spam

GODEMICHE will send an email to confirm your order; this is a legal requirement we have to fulfil and one that also gives our customers confirmation of their purchases.

Those who sign up to our newsletter will receive 2 to 4 emails a month, those emails will be sent to the submitted email address and will include, current new, special offers, changes and any other relevant news. If after receiving our newsletter you wish to opt out a unsubscribe button can be located at the very bottom of the email.

We will NEVER pass on your personal information to a third party.

Data protection

We comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and its amendments as well as GDPR.

Information held by us will be accurate, up to date and treated as confidential.

Your information can be obtained by means of letter or email, both found below. If discrepancies are found please inform us and we will quickly dealt or correct the information.

GODEMICHE, Flat 30, 276 Checkland Road, Thurmaston, LE4 8EU


If you require further information regarding our Privacy Policies please contact us.