Apex Butt Plug Pearlescent and Effulgence



The only Butt Plug that comes complete with its own anal beads!


Apex Butt Plug Pearlescent and Effulgence

The Apex is not for Amateurs. Designed for experienced and expert use by our aficionado customers and given its name by Skyler Figueroa, it is art and pleasure rolled into one-helluva silicone package. You, our followers, fans, friends and family, near and far have had the creative input in its design and we are delighted to honour you all with its physical creation and humbled by your participation in the adventure.

Apex is a silicone butt plug complete with its very own anal beads built-in, with a skillfully tapered head for practiced and proficient insertion. The shaft has two distinctive bulges in its design to create pleasure sensations that will have you coming back for more, while its robust T base provides you with total comfort and safety.

Apex is available in wide range of colours from pearlescent shades to effulgence – sparkly like diamonds. The hardest choice is to choose the one colour, the rest is just a pure pleasure.

Uses: For the adult who likes to deliver a plethora of anal pleasure.

Measurements: Apex is 5.1 inches or 13cm in total, with a usable length of 4.5 inches or 11.5cm of pure pleasure. Each of the bulbous sections is 1.4 inches or 3.5cm wide and the smaller narrow sections between the bulbous parts are 1inch or 2.5cm wide.

The only Butt Plug that comes complete with its own anal beads!

Additional information

Weight 135 g
Dimensions 26 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm


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