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More clitoral stimulation!

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    Add a V-Plate and save 15% If you are ordering a 2 colour Grind Ring the V Plate will be in the first colour only!

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    Add a waterbased lube (2oz/56ml) lube and save 30%.

    Are you sure? Adding lube now means you get the best posssible price

Introducing the Grind Ring! If you love close, intimate sex with your partner but crave more clitoral stimulation without the noise, hassle of recharging, or need for batteries, then the Grind Ring is perfect for you!

  • Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation: Enjoy the textured bulge that gives your clit something delightful to grind against.
  • Variety of Textures: Choose from different textures to match your preferred type of stimulation.
  • Silent and Convenient: No noise, no recharging, and no batteries required.
  • Versatile Use: Designed to be used over a dildo or penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.
  • Intimate Pleasure: Perfect for those who love close, intimate experiences with their partner.

Check out the different texture options below for more details.

Craving some extra buzz? Check out our Vibe Pad for a vibrating experience like no other! If you’re looking for something without vibrations our Grind Pad is your perfect match.

Don’t forget a good dose of your favourite lube, which you can find some of our favourites here.

What is the grind ring?

The grind ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding against. Dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable than a pizza slice too. The bulge is covered with a textured surface to give you something to grind your clit against. There are a number of different textures for you to choose from depending on the type of stimulation you prefer. See below for more details on the various options.

The grind ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

Want your Grind Ring to vibrate?  Then check out the new V-Plate adaptor.

Mound Height

You can now choose the hight of the grindable mound on your Godemiche Grind Ring. 

Low Grind; The original Grind ring mound is designed to lift the texture up to your body allowing you more control over the stimulation you receive while grinding. 

High Grind: A much larger mound designed to bring the texture even closer to your body when being designed to be comfortable on your genitals.  

Duel Textures

Duel textures

Duel texture are an evolution of the much love grind ring textures. It is the same amazing textures you have come to know and love (to Grind against) but reinvented, redesigned and offering a whole new leave of clitoral pleasure.

Duel textures are crafted in a way that the sensations of each texture is there just layered on top of each other for an even more intense sensation. Imagine ‘raspy ripple’ that delicious creamy vanilla followed by a refreshing fruity burst of raspberry and back to delicious creamy vanilla. It’s like that but rather than a flavour combination this is a sensation combination for your clit.

There are currently three dual textures.

Bumps & Bubbles

So here we have taken the bubbles that give a bouncy almost banging sensation and combined each one of those big fat bubbles with a scattering of the tiny little bumps that graze and flick as you grind over them.

Ridges & Bumps 

The Ridges are a relatively new texture design for the Vibe Pad but we we have incorporated it here with the Bumps to give a dual flicking sensation. The ridges flick as you rub back and forth across it and then interlaced in between each one are tiny bumps that give a more pinprick flicking sensation.

Bubbles & Suckers

The Suckers are inspired by the Tantacle texture of our penis masturbator the Off Beat. The Suckers go exactly what the name describes, they give a sucking almost pulling sensation that feels like lots of little sucking kisses, this is then contrasted with the bouncy banging sensation of the bubbles. We always recommend using plenty of lube with out Grind toys but this one in particular will feel amazing as the lube will creates a suction in the sucker texture. We have also designed this one to run in a V shape so that it follows the shape of your labia and spread the sensation out across your vulva.

How do you use the Grind Ring?

You use the grind ring is by placing a dildo or penis through the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from and up the front of your body. When using a strap-on harness while laying flat, slip the grind ring over your dildo to rest on the outside of your harness. If you’re using a penis, then you can either slide the penis through the hole or stretch the hole a little and scoop the testicles (balls) with the penis through a bit like a cock ring. (It is not tight enough to act like a proper cock ring though. Putting the balls through the hole just allows it to stay in place a bit more securely)

Using the Godemiche Grind Ring As a Male Female CoupleGodemiche Silicone Sex Toys

When the grind ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clitoris against the soft textured mound of the Grind Ring.

The raised mound brings the texture closer to the clitoris ensuring you have control over how much or how little stimulation you receive depending on how hard you grind down and when.

Who is the Grind Ring for?

Anyone with a clitoris.

The Grind Ring is for anyone with a clitoris who likes clitoral stimulation during penetration or enjoys grinding/rubbing their clitoris against a texture.

You can use it over a strap on dildo or over a penis or even over a dildo during solo play.

However, you decide to use it we would love to hear from you. So please do leave a review on this product to help others determine if this item is for them or not.



Please note the only size to change for the High Grind is the width (mound hight) which is 3CM/1.1INCH

Colour Style

Your toy will be hand poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 4 different options for colour customisation:

– Godmiche Purple – Our beautiful Purple Pearl colour you all know and love.

-Surprise Me – We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

– Single Colour – A single solid colour throughout.

– 2 Colour Marble – Two colours mixed and marbled together for a unique marble effect look.



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