Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo Sex Position Pillow


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Make every sex position more intense and more enjoyable with the Liberator wedge/ramp combo.

Theses two shapes have the ability to transform your sex life and give you greater stamina for longer sex sessions. They work incredibly well together in a wide range of sex positions from doggy to missionary even things like sixty nine or a bit of face fucking.

We would never stock or sell something we haven’t or don’t use ourselves. The high-density foam is firm and very comfortable so you don’t sink down in it like a pillow. The microfiber cover is lush, we could stroke it all day and it feels beautiful on naked skin. The microfiber covers also have the ability to stick to each other so when the wedge is placed on the ramp it does not slip down even during sex. This amazing feature means your cushions stay where you put them and you get to enjoy every single minute. There’s also a waterproof cover on both shapes that’s great for everything, if you’re a squirter your foam will say dry, use lots of lube your foam will stay dry, want to fuck for hours or days and love juice goes everywhere your foam will say dry.

The ramp is big though and not quite as easily hidden as the wedge. If you have the space to keep this monstrous beauty, then you really can’t go wrong with the wedge/ramp combo.

Some of the ways we have found the Liberator wedge/ramp combo to really enhance our sex are:

Reach for the stars

The sex position below is just amazing, the extra height, the closeness, it’s basically a deeper more intense and intimate missionary position that you can last a long time in. Because of the extra height trusting is so much more comfortable and you don’t get the leg or hip ache.

Doggy Style

The extra height on the ramp gives you more support in a bent-over position allowing you to lay on the foam and get fucked. Want a bit more then adding the wedge on the ramp give you a perfect flat stable surface to push back on.

Oral sex

Using the ramp to lift your partner right up and the wedge as a sort of headrest the combo is amazing.

No more uncomfortable neck ache, holding legs further back for greater access is so much easier. Not to mention toys dildos, vibrators and anal toys are super easy to insert and use with the ramp under your bum.


The wedge/ramp combo is your dream addition when it comes to pegging. No more height issues in doggy, no more pushing or holding heavy legs back when in missionary. The wedge and the ramp make pegging positions much more easy and comfortable for you both. The 27-degree angle is just enough to lift your ass up into the air if you’re on your back or for you to stick that ass up if your face down. This set makes pegging positions much more comfortable for both of you meaning you both get to enjoy it all the more.

We also stock the Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Bon Bon Toy Mount

Some sex positions for you to try with the wedge/ramp combo. Let us know your favorites.
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