Liberator Wedge Sex Position Pillow


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The Liberator Wedge is sex furniture you never knew you needed

Do you use pillows to get a bit more lift when having sex?

Do you push up your hips so your partner can ride you deeper?

Do you hold your body/legs in uncomfortable positions just so the sex feels that bit better?

Well, then the liberator wedge is for you.

The Liberator wedge was an item we wanted to have but never knew we needed. The thought of buying foam sex furniture when we have pillows and a bed redundant. But then we bought one, fell in love with it and now we really wouldn’t be without it.

We would never stock or sell something we haven’t or don’t use ourselves. The high-density foam is firm and very comfortable so you don’t sink down in it like a pillow. The microfiber cover is lush, we could stroke it all day and it feels beautiful on naked skin. There’s also a waterproof cover that’s great for everything, if you’re a squirter your foam will say dry, use lots of lube your foam will stay dry, want to fuck for hours or days your foam will say dry.

Some of the ways we have found the Liberator wedge to really enhance our sex are:

Oral sex

The little extra lift the wedge gives you make oral sex more enjoyable for longer periods of time. No more uncomfortable neck positions, holding legs further back for a tasty deep lick is so much easier. Not to mention toys; Dildos, vibrators and anal toys are super easy to insert and use with the wedge under your bum.

If dicks the thing you like to suck, then the wedge works there too and it also gives you really easy access to a little anal play such as butt plugs and prostate massagers.

Sex Positions

The biggest and best change of us was the missionary sex position. The magical 27-degree angle on the wedge gives you a slightly deeper more angular penetration that works wonders. Her on top is another position that the wedge adds more enjoyment too and more control. A sort of spooning on your stomach with the wedge under your hips is another position we just can’t get enough of.


The wedge is your dream addition when it comes to pegging. No more height issues in doggy, no more pushing or holding heavy legs back when in missionary. The wedge makes pegging positions much more easy and comfortable for you both. The 27-degree angle is just enough to lift your ass up into the air if you’re on your back or for you to stick that ass up if your face down. The wedge makes pegging positions much more comfortable for both of you meaning you both get to enjoy it all the more.

Some sex positions for you to try with the wedge. Let us know your favourites.

Wheelbarrow Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
The Slippery Slope Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
The Rodeo Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
The Push Up Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
The Over Easy Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
The Down Low Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
Home on the Range Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
Hearts Desire Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
Grab and go Sex Position using Liberator Wedge
Elevated Oral Sex Position using Liberator Wedge


The Liberator Wedge is not a massive item but it’s not bedside draw size either.

24 inches x 14 inches x 7 inches

We also stock the Liberator Ramp Combo and the Liberator Bon Bon Toy Mount

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Weight 3085 g
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