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Looking for the perfect dildo so you can fuck your partner with a strap-on? Then you have come to the right place because the Peg was designed with that exact use in mind. It is the perfect shape to fit in your strap-on harness and the perfect shape to give pleasurable anal penetration every time.

The Peg is shaped like a long fat finger with a smooth rounded tip for easy and comfortable insertion. It has a flared base which means it will sit perfectly in your strap-on harness and is also completely safe for anal insertion with or without the harness as there is no way it can accidentally get drawn up into the body.

The Peg Styles

The peg comes in 3 different styles

Ribbed – Smooth on the top and the bottom with a series of more intense ribs that run around the middle.

Bumpy – Smooth on the top and the bottom with a series of bumps that run around the middle

Smooth – Compleaty smooth from the very tip to the base.



The Peg comes in three different silicone densities so you can pick the right Peg for you.

The Peg – Firm – 40A

Perfect for Anal, it holds its shape during use and doesn’t flex or pop out.

The Medium Peg – Medium – 15A

A flexable silicone yet still firm, works well as an anal toy but much softer than The Peg

The Soft Peg – Soft – 00-50

The soft peg is ideal for people who are looking for a very thin, soft dildo. People with Vaginismass may find this product enjoyable.


Godemiche peg-product-size


Colour Style

Your toy will be hand poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 4 different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me – We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

– Single Colour – A single solid colour throughout.

– 2 Colour Marble – Two colours poured together.

– Glitter – A single solid glitter throughout.


All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone making them body safe, hypo-allergenic and very durable. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.

Additional information

Weight .95 kg
Country of Origin

United Kingdom

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