Write For Us

We are always looking for interesting, diverse, educational and entertaining content for our blog. We are looking to work with a variety of different writers to ensure that our content meets this goals. We would particular be interesting to hear pitches from writers from marginalized communities.

Quite often we have themes or subjects that we would like to cover. If that is the case we will try to add that here but we are always looking for new and different ideas so please do pitch us something.

We will try to respond to your pitch within a month but it will probably be much quicker than that.

We aim to publish one guest post a month on our site

We pay £35 for a blog post. We will require a proper invoice to be able to pay you. We can pay though Paypal or direct bank transfer (in the UK only)

Please fill in the form below, you can either submit your whole piece or alternatively a detailed outline.

Adam and Monika