1,000 Follower Twitter Giveaway

Back in October 2015 we launched GODEMICHE, 7 months have now flown by and now surprisingly milestones are being reached. Towards the end of last week we reached the 1,000 followers mark and wanted not only to make something special but then to give it away to one lucky person. Monika chose the theme/style we would try to replicate and that was the ‘Galaxy’.


Inspired by the amazing ‘Galaxy’ images on Google, we liked the nebulae clusters with flashes of blue, pink and purple.
A couple of attempts and we found a mix we were happy with, Black, Pearlescent Black, UV Pink, UV Blue, and Silver make up the core colours with silver glitter being added to imitate the sparkle of stars. All of that comes together to make the ‘Galaxy’ Adam.

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We have this one very unique Galaxy Adam to give away for free the rules and information is below.

To take part you will need to Follow us (@GSilicone) on Twitter. You will then need to re-tweet the giveaway promotional images on twitter and that’s it. There will be many promotional tweets and your more than welcome to like and re-tweet all of them, if you only want to re-tweet one that’s also cool.

Any one in the world can enter and we will still ship your item for free.

Picking a Winner
After the closing time, 23.59 Friday 29th April 2016, data will be downloaded from TweetReach, a random number generator will then be used to select a winner. The data will be collected on the RT and #SiliconeMadeRight so make sure to use them.
We will announce the winner over the weekend/Monday morning.

PLEASE include @GSilicone and #SiliconeMadeRight, this makes finding you easy and ensures you are entered.
Entries must be between 00:01 and 23:59 on Friday 29th April 2016. If you outside of the hours you will not be included.
Don’t create multiple twitter accounts to enter, there will be something every 1hr for you to interact with.
Don’t post the same thing repeatedly, that’s a quick way to piss people off and get your twitter account shut down.
Enjoy, it’s fun and you never know you could be the lucky winner.

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