Sex Toys That Glow in the Dark

Sex Toys That Glow in the Dark

A glow in the dark sex toy might on the face of it sound and look like a novelty idea, but you would be wrong.

Yes, the very fact it ‘glows in the dark’ can be considered as a novel idea but you need to look beyond what you first see and think about using it. So now, your thinking it would be easy to find when the lights are out and again yes, you would be right but you’re thinking to normally, you’re thinking of silly things because you’re amused but also intrigued by the idea, so let me paint the picture for you.

Glow in the dark toys are like little windows of light breaking through the stark contrast of a pitch black background. The window of light is small and concentrated radiating only a couple of inches into the dark black landscape and if used correctly this window of light can evoke heightened feelings, make the mind run wild and the body write with pleasure.

As the user (for couple play), use the light to your advantage, let them see little glimpses of your tongue pass & your finger probe.
Use the light to distract, remember the window of light is only a couple of inches, what happens outside of that can not be seen only felt.
Use the light to see what you’re doing but do it elegantly, with style, conviction and get it right teasing them to the edge and back again.

When using glow in the dark toys on your own you have the extra sensations of seeing your most intermediate areas throb and swell as you bring yourself to climax. Watching as you play and seeing your own body in a different light allows you to get lost in the moment, like your very own private sex show, starring you.

‘Glow in the Dark’ toys are so much more than a novelty!


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