Live Chat 9th May

Live Chat 9th May

LAM – aka London Alternative Market

Picking your favourite market is a little bit like picking your favourite child, you know you shouldn’t but you do anyway. LAM is just that for me, I love everything about LAM, the environment, the venue, the people, the organisers. I look forward to attending every single one. Once I got the stall set up at I had a quick run around and embarked on a little bit of a buying spree. I picked up a beautiful flogger from Jacks Floggers and an amazing light brown, tan coloured leather hog tie set from Leather Delights. A hogtie set if you don’t know is two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs that all clip together. I recommend that if you do buy one get something where all four restraints can be used independently such as the ones Leather Delights sells.

You can read our guide to LAM HERE

Helpful at the Core

We started GODEMICHE because we wanted to break down perceptions of the adult world and turn sex toys into mantel piece worth decorative pleasurable products. At our very core it’s about helping people, helping you to discover something new, help you feel less embarrassed about owning a sex toy, help you understand its origins and the work that went into making it.

Our Twitter and Facebook has been anything but helpful in the recent months, so we apologise. When you have to wear so many hats and organise so many different things in an attempt to keep people happy, informed and also run a business things can suffer. The best experience EVER is what we aim for, that’s not always achievable with the limited recourses we have, there are only two of us after all, but if things were perfect now I’d worry for the future.

What you can expect over the coming months is much much more content on the blog, things to help you, things to entertain you, things for you to like, share and enjoy. You will also see much more of other people’s things being shared with the single objective of helping YOU, learn more, smile more, enjoy more. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The No Name Plug Gets A Name & It’s …..

The day is finally here. You have been voting for your favourite of the four possible names and tonight we will announce which name won. To recap the names selected are Assistant, Addison, Apex & Amiche, all four of the names have come from you, our followers, our fans and we had the envious task of selecting the four from over 120 suggestions.

The votes have been placed and at 8PM on the 9th May 2017, aka today we close the voting and we will announce the winner tonight 9th May at 10PM on our live Chat. See you there.


As always we will finish with a live Q&A so if you have questions come along and ask them.

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