Live Chat 11 July Cancelled

Live Chat 11 July Cancelled

Welcome to our round-up of what happened this week.

GODEMICHE Independence Day

As your probably aware we had a flash 24 hour sale on the 6th July to celebrate our first year of running GODMEICHE full time. We were amazed at how well it went and just how many of you took advantage of the sale. We aim to have all the orders dispatched in 7 days, but due to the sheer number of orders we are saying that our expected dispatch time will be 9 to 10 days. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive confirmation via email, USA orders expect a 14 day delivery time, Europe is 7 days and UK is 3 days from dispatch.

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

Its been a long time since we have attended the BBB but this coming Sunday we will be there with our stall. We looking forward to seeing all our friends there this weekend. If you are in or near Birmingham why not pop in and come and see us and all the other fabulous traders at this event.

Pubic Opinion: The Unfair Attitude Of Our Culture To Pubic Hair

We have a fabulous guest post up on our blog by Emmeline Peaches all about pubic hair. We are so happy that she agreed to write this post for us and are hoping that this won’t be the only post from her. Watch this space to see if we can lure her back again.

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