Follow Your Heart – Sinful Sunday

Follow Your Heart – Sinful Sunday

Follow Your Heart


If you followed my photography journey on Instagram a while ago, you will know that I had few struggles whilst my course was on.

One of them was to find the perfect place to take photos in abandoned old textiles factory called Corah that I discovered.

The building was patrolled by a security guy and it was quite dangerous to be inside but I finally managed to do it with some much needed help from Adam.

I think this poem capture what I want to say.


Magic happens when

you do not give up,

even though you

want to.

The universe always

falls in love with a

stubborn heart.

Magic Place - Corah Leicester


















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  1. Wonderful composition – and the monochrome is great. Really nice work. I’ve always loved urban exploration shots, and here the contrast of beauty against a ruin that’s being reclaimed by nature is excellent. Lovely image. 🙂

  2. LOVE everything about this image…the lack of colors…the dilapidated location…the casual pose…the suggestive outfit…and more especially YOU. Thanks so much for sharing!

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