Live Chat 25th July

Live Chat 25th July

What We Are

This week the word ‘Luxury’ was used to explain our products and brand so we NEED to talk about what we are and what we are not.

We are first and foremost customers, we are customer driven and we want to empower people with the best knowledge that we can for them, to make their own informed decisions when buying sex toys or discovering something new.  We have and will always make the best products we can, using the best materials we can buy, selling those products for the best price we can offer.

Made by people for people.

We are not and will NEVER be a ‘Luxury’ brand!

Yes, all of our products are, unique, bespoke and different in appearance, made using the best materials we can, but they are not luxury. We want EVERYBODY to have the access to something that incorporates their favourite colours, that complements their outfit be it a dress, lingerie, a jock or nothing at all.

We are for everybody! Not for only those who can afford luxuries! There are some fabulous ‘Luxury’ brand like Persian Palm and Crowned Jewels to name only two, these companies do a phenomenal job and create the most amazing toys, but they are not for those who are on a tight budget.

Eureka – LAM Special

Last week we were at Eureka down in Kent. Eureka can best be described as a nudist club but it is so much more. The organisers of LAM gave us the opportunity to go and trade, so we did alongside some of our fellow traders. The place was amazing and so big, the website states there is onsite parking for 75 cars and at 10 am on a wet and cold Sunday morning there were easily 30 cars already parked. It looked wonderful, the people were nice, the facilities were clean. It’s now a place we will have to experience as customers, to experience it at our own pace and in our own time.


If you have questions, ask them and we will answer.

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