Live Chat 18th July

We are sorry about last weeks Live Chat but life rather caught up with us and we just ran out of hours in our day but this week we are back!

Welcome to Live Chat 18th July

Your questions

We know its not always easy to get 5 mints to yourself and that not everyone can join us on live on Tuesdays at 10pm (uk time). So we are asking for your questions in advance. Ask them on any of the social media platforms and we will answer as many as we can in our live chat and also reply back to you personally.


How will my items be packaged when they arrive?

This is a question we get asked all the time, so this week we are going to show you exactly how we package your items. What the boxes look like, what the labels say, everything so that when your parcel arrives you will know exactly what to expect!

Live Q&A

Yes we will have answered your questions in advanced but it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t end on the live Q&A

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