Live Chat – 8th August

Live Chat – 8th August

We love our Live Chats!

We have got  so used to our Tuesday’s live streams that we very rarely missed them.

So this time we will be talking about few things that happened last week.

1. We’re going away!

Firstly and very importantly, we’ll be out of the office for few days to take some quality time with our family. So make sure to put those dates to your diary if you want to order something on time.

10th August – Last orders

14th-18th  – Office closed

21st August – Back to work

We will be still replying to the emails while we are away though!

2. VICE video-interview goes viral!

What is VICE?

Vice magazine includes the work of journalists, columnists, fiction writers, graphic artists and cartoonists, and photographers. Both Vices online and magazine content has shifted from dealing mostly with independent arts and pop cultural matters to covering more serious news topics.  Articles on the site feature a range of subjects, often things not covered as by mainstream media.

Florence and Henry from Vice came to our office to interview Adam and ask him 10 questions you always wanted to ask a dildo maker. The video got viewed 650,000 just on their Facebook page!

Unfortunately, the video had ad’s in and was triggered in Facebook where it was shared. The content violates their rules of publishing and the video almost came to a stop for 12ish hours before gradually getting more views. Vice will try to republish the video again this week with no ads and hope it goes better this time.

Check Adam’s version – behind the scenes of that day on our youtube channel HERE.

Adam will tell you more about his experience and thoughts when the video was taken.

3. Q&A

At the end of our Live Chat, we’re asking you about your questions. This is the perfect time for you to ask us anything that is related to Godemiche.

Please reserve 20 minutes of your time for us on Tuesday at 10 pm UK time (GMT+) to listen to the weekly updates from Godemiche life. The Live Chat will be streamed on Instagram, Facebook and Periscope. If you can’t join us don’t worry, you can always watch the replay.

This is it. We’ll see you there.

Love from

Adam and Monika


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