Selfish – Sinful Sunday

7.30am on Saturday morning and I am hoping that everybody will be still asleep and won’t notice a girl walking in her bra and pants on the bridge…

That could pretty much be the short description of this image but… there’s something more.

Taking self-portraits has allowed me to be selfish in a good way.

Weekends are time to escape from a chaotic house full of kids demanding my attention and all the usual boring household things just to be my own boss and the star of my lens for a few precious hours.

I am discovering myself through my photography and I like that part of me. I feel that nothing will stop me now, I am greedy for new images, the ideas of new projects are constantly dancing in my head.

Sometimes the excitement is overwhelming. But I love that feeling! I love to be selfish.




















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  1. I have to say, I love absolutely everything about this image. If I weren’t already a sucker for low-key B&W photography, this one would certainly be one of the ones that got me into that particular form


  2. Well then, here’s to being selfish! What a fantastic photo Monika, really
    I love the words and how you are finding yourself. Wonderful x

  3. May

    Everything about this photo is well done – tour pose is spot on, your choice of B&W is as it should be,- the backdrop is just right – you go girl…

  4. Lovely photo. Love the toning of the monochrome, the blown highlights, and such a great composition. Really nice! 🙂

  5. Monika, you have totally excelled yourself with this image and bloody hell woman you have amazing legs. As for being selfish, I think it is essential part of being a good Mum to know when you have to just take some time for YOU otherwise you risk forgetting who you really is


  6. KP

    That is just a FABULOUS shot – the pose, composition, lighting, the outfit: everything, in short.

    And, man, those pants and legs…

  7. You are damn right to take time for yourself, to be Monica and not just mom. And, I really love that you are selfish, because then we all get to see gorgeous images like this one!

    Rebel xox

  8. this is a great photo (I love the pose) and I’m even more impressed to know you took it yourself

  9. This is such an amazing image. Strong and stunning. It’s made even better by knowing how wonderful and empowering it is for you to escape and do it.

  10. This is amazing! I am in awe of you managing to walk across the bridge in just your pants, and I am 100% with you on the ‘selfish’ thing: sometimes it’s really important to just have a bit of time to be you. I wouldn’t say ‘selfish’ but vital – it’s important to look after yourself, and with stuff like this everyone gets to benefit from seeing your amazing pics too! =)

  11. What a wonderful photo. If this is what it takes to be selfish, then I am all for it xx

  12. The image is made all the better (and it’s great already) knowing that your photography is a journey of discovery. Very nice…

  13. I’m over here thinking about me trying to do this and hugging the wall like that because I fell over in the heels. lol

  14. Jo

    Damn – this is soooo hot. The lighting, the way you’re gripping the fence in front of you, the definition in your legs (they look *amazing* in those heels) – I can’t stop staring at this, It’s brilliant and rife with sexual tension!

  15. Stunning photo . . . simply wonderful picture, and wonderful location.
    Just LOVE this !!!
    Xxx – K

  16. Wow! You have so much talent and are such a stunning model. I adore the, ‘I am greedy for new images’! I couldn’t have put how I feel about photography any better!
    Aurora x

  17. Breath taking picture. Anyone who did notice you on tje bridge had to be pleasantly surprised

  18. I think we all need to be thoroughly selfish sometimes. Beautiful image.

  19. I like the juxtaposition between the “caged” environment and the freedom of your pose. The grainy texture emphasizes that contrast all the more. Fascinating image!

  20. Wow – Monika you have bloody fantastic legs <3 And yes, I completely understand exactly what you are saying – I too am constantly thinking of ways or places to take new images x

  21. This is so stunning and I’m so happy you’re getting this from your photography. You’re falling in love!!

  22. Bee

    Wow…just wow! I am always in awe of people that manage self photography and I really admire your bravery for walking across that bridge in your underwear.

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