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#LetsTalkPorn with Ella Hughes - Godemiche

#LetsTalkPorn with Ella Hughes

#LetsTalkPorn with Ella Hughes

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As part of our Sexual Health Week series we are interviewing a number of people who are involved in the adult industry. Today it is our pleasure to welcome the lovely Ella Hughes to our blog.

  1. Introduce yourself for those people who don’t know who you are?

    I’m Ella Hughes, I’m a 22 year old redhead adult performer. I’ve worked for companies such as Brazzers, Dorcel, Digital Playground and Ruseful. I am also a webcam model and former Babestation girl.

  2. How long have you been in porn?

    I’ve been in the industry for 2 years now!

  3. Are there any special preparations you have before a scene?

    It all depends on the scene. For a standard Girl/girl or boy/Girl scene with no anal – shower before the scene, make sure you get a good nights sleep and don’t turn up tired!

    Douching is important, make sure you’re squeaky clean and of course before you think about setting foot on set – get health tested!

    For an anal scene, prep is very important as accidents can happen! Douching is essential also! Everyone is different but me personally I eat a good meal 10 hours before the shoot then clean out before bed, sleep, eat a banana for breakfast (fibre is good) then go to work with a plug in.

  4. What was your first porn scene?

    My first ever scene was fake taxi with the famous ‘John’

  5. What is your favourite porn scene/porn act?

    I don’t have a favourite I’ve done because I love all my scenes for different reasons but I love to perform in parody films! Love being a different character and getting to have sex as a different person!

  6. Have you ever dated a fan?

    I have never dated a fan no, purely because I’m very shy and find it hard to connect and meet new people. I think that because they’re a fan, there would be a preconception that they’re only dating me because I am ‘Ella Hughes’ and not dating me because they genuinely see past my career etc. Also I’d feel pressured to keep up the act of being this fantasy girl and be scared of disappointing someone if I didn’t live up to expectations of dating a pornstar.

  7. National Health week say ‘Porn is made to look good not feel good’ what are your thoughts on that?

    Porn can be both, you’re never forced to do something you don’t want to do or not comfortable with doing so you always need to be confident and comfortable during scenes in order for it to look good.

  8. Do you have any sex tips for people reading?

    Listen to your partner, concentrate on noises they’re making, body movements and response to the reactions. If the reactions are positive, keep going. If they’re negative, change up a bit, do something new or slightly different until your partner is responding positively. Also don’t be afraid to introduce toys, they can be a lot of fun and makes sex different and can unleash new sensations and maybe reveal new kinks you never knew you had before.

  9. How different is porn sex to real sex?

    Porn sex is different because, we as performers are paid to do what you see. I say this because a lot of taboo porn is out there like anal/double or triple penetration/gangbangs – were asked and if happy, paid to shoot that. People think that because everyone in porn does it then they need to copy that when that’s not the case. We are not there to be sex ed teachers or tell you what you should do.

    You wouldn’t copy what you see on call of duty or in movies so why should porn be any different.

    Real sex is all about making yourself and your partner feel good, doing what’s right for you and connecting with each other on a deeper and more personal level

  10. Do you orgasm on set?

    Yes, for me I love my job and love the people I work with. I am all about making porn REAL. I never fake anything on set, what you see is what you get. I enjoy every second on set so why wouldn’t I want to orgasm and show the viewers how much I am enjoying it

  11. Why did you get into porn?

    I got into porn through doing nude shoots that escalated into doing videos. I started off with fake taxi through watching them myself and seeing how much fun it looked, I remember watching a couple called Jack and Hazel thinking wow they’re having the time of their lives and they’re making a living through having a good time and through having good sex with beautiful people (beautiful in looks and personality sense) for me it seemed logical.

    I’m so thankful for porn, it’s given me more confidence as a person, more sexual confidence and has allowed me to explore myself and get to know my mind and body in ways I’d never done before.

  12. What are you goals after leaving porn?

    I think I will always stay in the industry, one way or another. Work on my own website, work on building my brand. Maybe bringing out memoirs/books about my experiences and use them to teach others about the porn industry – whatever I do will always be in porn. I feel passionate and close to the subject of a safe and happy industry so will do everything to help the industry become that even more!

    You can check out more of Ella on Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Hi!
    I’m Joe, huge Ella’s fan from Brazil.
    I saw just one anal scene of her, with Chris Diamond…
    Did she make another anal scenes?

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