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    What an amazing shot! I love the interplay between the background and your silhouetted body, with just that lovely luscious curve in the light.

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    This is a fantatically shot image!

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    Wow, a very sext and artistic image.

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    Monika, this has to be some of your best work to date. You have used the light perfectly to create this stunning silhouette and I love how you have managed to capture just that little bit of detail over your lover back and bottom.


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    OMG Monika, WOW! You really are such a wonderful photographer! I absolutely love this!

    Rebel xox

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    Beautiful photo! The way the light hits your lower body is captivating! x

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    WOW! You are so incredibly talented with a camera and look phenomenal! I love so much how you can make out the strands of your hair. This is a stunning image!
    Aurora x

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    This is beautiful. Stunning xx

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    Beautiful quote and such a pretty silhouette. I love the interplay of your wild hair and the severe stripes of window shade behind you

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    Oh WOW!! This is breathtakingly beautiful.

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